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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:roflback: Roflback Roflback
:boobies: Boobies Boobies
:woohoo: Woohoo Woohoo
:Poke: Poke Poke
:badmood: Badmood Badmood
:whistling: Whistling Whistling
:blink: Blink Blink
:coffee: Coffee Coffee
:doh: Doh Doh
:sofa: Sofa Sofa
:outtahere: Outtahere Outtahere
:yikes: Yikes Yikes
:Scared: Scared Scared
:pointnlaugh: Pointnlaugh Pointnlaugh
:unsure: Unsure Unsure
:nope: Nope Nope
:Hurt: Hurt Hurt
:huh: Huh Huh
:bowdown: Bowdown Bowdown
:KissAss: KissAss KissAss
:bum: Bum Bum
:popcorn: popcorn popcorn
Other ones that get used a lot
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:pray: pray pray
:rimshot: rimshot rimshot
:dunno: Dunno Dunno
:thumbsup: thumbsup thumbsup
:nono: Nono Nono
:DiNozzo: DiNozzo DiNozzo
:dry: Dry Dry
:w00t: w00t! w00t!
:laugh: laugh laugh
:beatdeadhorse: Beatdeadhorse Beatdeadhorse
:nunu: Nunu Nunu
:fork: fork fork
:41: 41 41
:41k: 41k 41k
:softball: softball softball
:postwhore: Postwhore Postwhore
:stirpot: Stirpot Stirpot
:eyepopping: Eyepopping Eyepopping
:2cents: 2cents 2cents
:why: why why
:FingerWaggle: FingerWaggle FingerWaggle
:ThumbDown: ThumbDown ThumbDown
:Lookee!: Lookee! Lookee!
:Welcome: Welcome Welcome
:party: Party Party
:birthday: birthday birthday
:bday_large: bday_large bday_large
:cake: cake cake
:worthless: Worthless Worthless
:gonnaneedpics: gonnaneedpics gonnaneedpics
:congrats: congrats congrats
:zombie: zombie zombie
:Cowboy: Cowboy Cowboy
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Lady G: Lady G Lady G
:LG_vapors: LG_vapors LG_vapors
:Mistress T: Mistress T Mistress T
:Tonya: Tonya Tonya
:NightShift: NightShift NightShift
:Strnd8: Strnd8 Strnd8
:8-Ball: 8-Ball 8-Ball
:eyeball8: eyeball8 eyeball8
:80px8ballHelmet: 80px8ballHelmet 80px8ballHelmet
:Frank: Frank Frank
:Boop: Boop Boop
:Boopwink: Boopwink Boopwink
:shooter: Gord8o Gord8o
:Gordito: Gordito Gordito
:dwarthog: dwarthog dwarthog
:dwarthogMod: dwarthogMod dwarthogMod
:Stu: Stu Stu
:apache36: apache36 apache36
:armor: armor armor
:4x4racegirl: 4x4racegirl 4x4racegirl
:Axe-man: Axe-man! Axe-man!
:Ms.B: Ms.B Ms.B
:Keeperofthespurs: Keeperofthespurs Keeperofthespurs
:springer-: springer- springer-
:springer-2: springer-2 springer-2
:polarbear: polarbear polarbear
:Jams: Jams Jams
:GrayRider: GrayRider GrayRider
:GrayII: GrayII GrayII
:Margaritaville: Margaritaville Margaritaville
:QuipItGood: QuipItGood QuipItGood
:Rock: Rock Rock
:71baldboy: 71baldboy 71baldboy
:Jonas: Jonas Jonas
:trooper113: trooper113 trooper113
:Jeb: Jeb Jeb
:Gail: Gail Gail
:swmnkdinthervr: swmnkdinthervr swmnkdinthervr
:Wild Rose: Wild Rose Wild Rose
:Big_ALil_Rascal: Big_ALil_Rascal Big_ALil_Rascal
:BigAlt: BigAlt BigAlt
:Pete_Logan: Pete_Logan Pete_Logan
:xkvator: xkvator xkvator
:Mega: Mega Mega
:boss: boss boss
:Mega_howdy: Mega_howdy Mega_howdy
:Geezer-Glide: Geezer-Glide Geezer-Glide
:Geezer-Glide2: Geezer-Glide2 Geezer-Glide2
:Bogart: Bogart Bogart
:ScaBogart: ScaBogart ScaBogart
:Scabbydoo: Scabbydoo Scabbydoo
:Scabbydoo2: Scabbydoo2 Scabbydoo2
:ScabbySplainin: ScabbySplainin ScabbySplainin
:harleyjsb: harleyjsb harleyjsb
:hornrocker: hornrocker hornrocker
:Manwhore: Manwhore Manwhore
:ChaserBand: ChaserBand ChaserBand
:Luke611: Luke611 Luke611
:Carl611: Carl611 Carl611
:Woody218: Woody218 Woody218
:dynageno: dynageno dynageno
:SafetyMan: SafetyMan SafetyMan
:Deejay: Deejay Deejay
:Desert_Comm: Desert_Comm Desert_Comm
:davukmer: davukmer davukmer
:Chromer: Chromer Chromer
:Homesick: Homesick Homesick
:Fire46: Fire46 Fire46
:FireDawgStew: FireDawgStew FireDawgStew
:firetronix01: firetronix01 firetronix01
:TJWilly: TJWilly TJWilly
:TimmyD: TimmyD TimmyD
:Gunfixer: Gunfixer Gunfixer
:trackstar55: trackstar55 trackstar55
:TrackStar55: TrackStar55 TrackStar55
:chickenman: chickenman chickenman
:toast2: Toast Whisperer Toast Whisperer
:Lace: Lace Lace
:KTWillys: KTWillys KTWillys
:SEDeluxe: SEDeluxe SEDeluxe
:El Guapo: El Guapo El Guapo
:Taz: Taz Taz
:Yosamite: Yosamite Yosamite
:hammerhead: FinalBags FinalBags
:bugs: FinalBugs FinalBugs
:why_me: why_me why_me
:Sonic: Sonic Sonic
:y2kflhr: y2kflhr y2kflhr
:y2k king: y2k king y2k king
:d j: d j d j
:keith: keith keith
:Peacekeeper: Peacekeeper Peacekeeper
:Kim: Jager Jager
:berly: Bomb Bomb
:yolkum: yolkum yolkum
:16X9_Shooter: 16X9_Shooter 16X9_Shooter
:475wildey: 475wildey 475wildey
:sancho: sancho sancho
:sancho2: sancho2 sancho2
:phreak: phreak phreak
:BillyMays: BillyMays BillyMays
:gPopeye: gPopeye gPopeye
:bobsled77: bobsled77 bobsled77
:thedog: thedog thedog
:trmn8r: trmn8r trmn8r
:pops: pops pops
:pops2: pops2 pops2
:pairofnines: pairofnines pairofnines
:pairofnines2: pairofnines2 pairofnines2
:kenhorse: kenhorse kenhorse
:genoway: genoway genoway
:Baalz: Baalz Baalz
:Baalz2: 1Baalz 1Baalz
:thrasher: thrasher thrasher
:thrashed: Douche Douche
:sidecardoug: Sidecardoug Sidecardoug
:jasilva: jasilva jasilva
:Turbo Turtle: Turbo Turtle Turbo Turtle
:captainlee: captainlee captainlee
:typist: the_typist the_typist
:TomB: TomB TomB
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:US43: US43 US43
:cluster: Cluster Cluster
:DC43: DC43 DC43
:DB43: DB43 DB43
:wrenchroster: Wrenchroster Wrenchroster
:marxroster: Marxroster Marxroster
:zint: zint zint
:hottie: DoofBabe DoofBabe
:corker: Corker Corker
:WaffleHouse: WaffleHouse WaffleHouse
:WHSign: WHSign WHSign
:Parking_Lot_Doofs: Parking_Lot_Doofs Parking_Lot_Doofs
:Poolside_Doofs: Poolside_Doofs Poolside_Doofs
:KCspam: KCspam KCspam
:Doofangel: Doofangel Doofangel
:timer_cover_joy: timer_cover_joy timer_cover_joy
:Broaster: Broaster Broaster
:bowtie: bowtie bowtie
:Ask: Ask Ask
:motivation: motivation motivation
:TutuOfShame: TutuOfShame TutuOfShame
Anti-gAZINTa, Perversions, Off-Color
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:asshat: asshat asshat
:pissing_contest: pissing_contest pissing_contest
:dunceg: dunceg dunceg
:gAZINTaBabe: gAZINTaBabe gAZINTaBabe
:gAZINTaBabes: gAZINTaBabes gAZINTaBabes
:Pete: Pete Pete
:goat: goat goat
:g_Roofies: g_Roofies g_Roofies
:countingsheep: 7_Wet_Dream 7_Wet_Dream
:ymca: Ymca Ymca
:7fight: 7fight 7fight
:7thinking: 7thinking 7thinking
:gAZINT-aid: gAZINT-aid gAZINT-aid
:ship_of_foolsII: ship_of_foolsII ship_of_foolsII
:zintchips: zintchips zintchips
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:US7: US7 US7
:gD: GD GD
:GazFlag: GazintA GazintA
:WrenchNapper: WrenchNapper WrenchNapper
:ship_of_fools: ship_of_fools ship_of_fools
:Barbosa: Barbosa Barbosa
:Cap: Cap Cap
:dinghy7: dinghy7 dinghy7
:doof: doof doof
:drink_the_kool_aid: drinking_the_kool_aid drinking_the_kool_aid
:Murphy7: Murphy7 Murphy7
:pirate2: pirate2 pirate2
:pirate: pirate pirate
:pirate_bow: pirate_bow pirate_bow
:pirate_cheers: pirate_cheers pirate_cheers
:pirate_doh: pirate_doh pirate_doh
:pirate_parrot: pirate_parrot pirate_parrot
:pirate_rum: pirate_rum pirate_rum
:pirate_sword: pirate_sword pirate_sword
:pirate_treasure: pirate_treasure pirate_treasure
:pirate_whip: pirate_whip pirate_whip
:pirate_whistle: pirate_whistle pirate_whistle
:piratehook: piratehook piratehook
:scared_pirate: scared_pirate scared_pirate
:pirate_pistol: pirate_pistol pirate_pistol
:wimpy: Wimpy Wimpy
:ZintLite: ZintLite ZintLite
:red_sash: Red Sash Red Sash
:red_sash-double: Red Sash Double Red Sash Double
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:nothing1: nothing1 nothing1
:heresyoursign: heresyoursign heresyoursign
:google: google google
:link: Link Link
:banmeplease: Banmeplease Banmeplease
:whatryathinkin: whatryathinkin whatryathinkin
:wtf: Wtf Wtf
:shutup: shutup shutup
:notme: notme notme
:iagree: Iagree Iagree
:Blonde: Blonde Blonde
:lies: lies lies
:kneelsuckers: kneelsuckers kneelsuckers
:sux2bu: sux2bu sux2bu
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hysterical: Hysterical Hysterical
:spit: spit spit
:bleh: Bleh Bleh
:bitemebunny: bitemebunny bitemebunny
:harhar: Harhar Harhar
:MockingZerk: MockingZerk MockingZerk
:FreeRangeSquirrel: FreeRangeSquirrel FreeRangeSquirrel
:pfft: pfft pfft
:lol: Lol Lol
:Baby: Baby Baby
:computer-noworky: computer-noworky computer-noworky
:horn: horn horn
:banned: banned banned
:scared2: scared2 scared2
:hide: hide hide
:peekaboo: peekaboo peekaboo
:abduct: abduct abduct
:persistant: persistant persistant
:surrendershorts: surrendershorts surrendershorts
:surrender: surrender surrender
:teamwork: mods_at_work mods_at_work
:missing: missing missing
:hook: hook hook
:hooked: hooked hooked
:poopfan: poopfan poopfan
:pancake: pancake pancake
:Cowbell: Cowbell Cowbell
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Sweetheart: Sweetheart Sweetheart
:biteme: biteme biteme
:moon: Moon Moon
:chips: Chips Chips
:BSflag: BSflag BSflag
:Laughing: Laughing Laughing
:2face: 2face 2face
:8LifeCrisis: 8LifeCrisis 8LifeCrisis
:evillaff: evillaff evillaff
:wtf2: wtf2 wtf2
:boohoo: boohoo boohoo
:neener: neener neener
:banghead: banghead banghead
:screwy: screwy screwy
:screwy2: screwy2 screwy2
:witch: witch witch
:drone: drone drone
:puke: Puke Puke
:NoSnivelling: NoSnivelling NoSnivelling
:soapbox: Soapbox Soapbox
:yawn:...---shaboing Yawn Yawn
:Snoring: Snoring Snoring
:ballchain: ballchain ballchain
:028: 028 028
:041: 041 041
:ban: Ban Ban
:dumbass: Dumbass Dumbass
Happy, Sad, Stupid, Mad, Mushy
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:rayof: rayof rayof
:yippee: yippee yippee
:yahoo: yahoo yahoo
:bliss: bliss bliss
:wootdance: Wootdance Wootdance
:woot_jump: woot_jump woot_jump
:clap: Clap Clap
:tyty tyty tyty
cruisin: cruisin cruisin
:s_e_grin: s_e_grin s_e_grin
:flowers: flowers flowers
:yay: yay yay
:awesome: Awesome Awesome
:bananadance: Bananadance Bananadance
:ban-split: ban-split ban-split
:crying: Crying Crying
:wavesad: wavesad wavesad
:tear: tear tear
:drool2: drool2 drool2
:drool: drool drool
:horse: horse horse
:crash: crash crash
:madfinger: madfinger madfinger
:mad0248: Mad0248 Mad0248
:rant: rant rant
:rant2: rant2 rant2
:thunder: thunder thunder
:hug: hug hug
:kiss: kiss kiss
:group-hug2: group-hug2 group-hug2
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:verycool: verycool verycool
:headbanger: headbanger headbanger
:bluesbros: bluesbros bluesbros
:cooldevil: cooldevil cooldevil
Food and Drink
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Scotch: Single_Malt Single_Malt
:Whisky: Whisky Whisky
:knob_creek: knob_creek knob_creek
:Whiskey: Whiskey Whiskey
:beer: beer beer
:cheers: Cheers Cheers
:Corona: fruited_beer fruited_beer
:drunk: drunk drunk
:needcaffeine: needcaffeine needcaffeine
:munchies: munchies munchies
:tasty: tasty tasty
:AmHoney: AmHoney AmHoney
:mickey_bar: Mickey_Premium_Bar Mickey_Premium_Bar
:mickeybar: Mickey Premium Bar Mickey Premium Bar
Smoking / Bathroom
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:cigar: Cigar Cigar
:Lightup: Lightup Lightup
:Smoking: Smoking Smoking
:corpse: corpse corpse
:Crapper: Crapper Crapper
:toiletsmiley: toiletsmiley toiletsmiley
:hurryup: hurryup hurryup
:Ill_be_a_while: Ill_be_a_while Ill_be_a_while
Guns and Blowin' Stuff Up
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:gun: Gun Gun
:rifle: rifle rifle
:AR15: AR15 AR15
:Uzi: Uzi Uzi
:smallsmg: smallsmg smallsmg
:smg: smg smg
:50cal: 50cal 50cal
:bazooka: bazooka bazooka
:huntingwabbits: huntingwabbits huntingwabbits
:suicide: suicide suicide
:zerkerwasher: zerkerwasher zerkerwasher
:propane_blowup: propane_blowup propane_blowup
:gAZINTa_crocs: gAZINTa_crocs gAZINTa_crocs
:smilieblowup: smilieblowup smilieblowup
:Blowingup: Blowingup Blowingup
:helloo: helloo helloo
Random Violence
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:boxing2: Boxing2 Boxing2
:fight: fight fight
:catfight: catfight catfight
:slap: Slap Slap
:wedgie: wedgie wedgie
:nutkick: nutkick nutkick
:kicknut: kicknut kicknut
:buttkick: buttkick buttkick
:gator: gator gator
:evil36: Evil36 Evil36
:thwak: thwak thwak
:target: target target
:ht_duel: ht_duel ht_duel
:jedismily: jedismily jedismily
:vb_flame: vb_flame vb_flame
:itschy: Itschy Itschy
:lol_hitting: lol_hitting lol_hitting
:runover: runover runover
:chainsaw: chainsaw chainsaw
:sawinhalf: Sawinhalf Sawinhalf
:execute: Execute Execute
:guillotine: guillotine guillotine
:hang: hang hang
:stopit!: Stopit! Stopit!
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:cell: cell cell
:cell1: cell1 cell1
:N_vieux01: N Vieux01 N Vieux01
:on-crutches: on-crutches on-crutches
:wheelchair: wheelchair wheelchair
:fart: Fart Fart
:who_farted: who_farted? who_farted?
:wavey: wavey wavey
:patriot: patriot patriot
:canadapatriot: Canadapatriot Canadapatriot
:thankssign: thankssign thankssign
:Smart: Smart Smart
:hmm2: Hmm2 Hmm2
:whisper: Whisper Whisper
:liftsskirt: LiftsSkirt LiftsSkirt
:brows: Brows Brows
:Modest: Modest Modest
:lickout: Lickout Lickout
:faint: faint faint
:thud: thud thud
:gaah: gaah gaah
:ht_eeeek: ht_eeeek ht_eeeek
:spider: spider spider
:priest: priest priest
:satanlook: satanlook satanlook
:juggle: juggle juggle
:applause: applause applause
:eye: eye eye
:other_eye: other_eye other_eye
:evileyes: evileyes evileyes
:peeper: peeper peeper
:spam: spam spam
:goodbye: goodbye goodbye
:oops: oops oops
:Executioner: Executioner Executioner
:shifty: shifty shifty
:032: 032 032
:cricket: cricket cricket
:bsmeter: bsmeter bsmeter
:cscwem: cscwem cscwem
:melty: Melty Melty
:spacer10: Spacer10 Spacer10
:spacer20: Spacer20 Spacer20
:spacer30: Spacer30 Spacer30
:star_and_bar: Star And Bar Star And Bar
:SwissRoster: SwissRoster SwissRoster
:star: Star Star
:PropaneRoster: PropaneRoster PropaneRoster
:Swiss: Swiss Swiss
:CokeRoster: CokeRoster CokeRoster
:Hospital: Hospital Hospital
Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:D Big Grin Big Grin
;) Wink Wink
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:mad: Mad Mad
:confused: Confused Confused
:( Frown Frown
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:DD grinn grinn
:BB1 pthhhhht! pthhhhht!
:BB2 WinkyBoop WinkyBoop
:MT1 TDance TDance
:MT2 EgypT EgypT
:L61 LukeyPoke LukeyPoke
:L62 LukeyHide LukeyHide
:SD1 Scabwhistle Scabwhistle
:SD2 ScabYouExpectMeToBelieveThat? ScabYouExpectMeToBelieveThat?
:UC1 Cindoubt Cindoubt
:UC2 UnPatient UnPatient
:A31 JoshLookie JoshLookie
:A32 JoshSpit JoshSpit
:EG1 ElGuapo ElGuapo
:EG2 EvenYetMoreElGuapoer EvenYetMoreElGuapoer
Highway 43 Signature Icons
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:80px43I: 80px43I 80px43I
:80px43US: 80px43US 80px43US
:80px43AL: 80px43AL 80px43AL
:80px43AL-J: 80px43AL-J 80px43AL-J
:80px43AR: 80px43AR 80px43AR
:80px43AR-A: 80px43AR-A 80px43AR-A
:80px43CA: 80px43CA 80px43CA
:80px43CO-L: 80px43CO L 80px43CO L
:80px43CO: 80px43CO 80px43CO
:80px43CO-W: 80px43CO W 80px43CO W
:80px43CT: 80px43CT 80px43CT
:80px43GA: 80px43GA 80px43GA
:80px43FL: 80px43FL 80px43FL
:80px43IA-CG: 80px43IA-CG 80px43IA-CG
:80pxC43IA: 80pxC43IA 80pxC43IA
:80pxD43IA: 80pxD43IA 80pxD43IA
:80px43IAtama: 80px43IAtama 80px43IAtama
:80px43IA: 80px43IA 80px43IA
:80pxJ43IA: 80pxJ43IA 80pxJ43IA
:80px43IA-F: 80px43IA-F 80px43IA-F
:80px43ID: 80px43ID 80px43ID
:80px43ID-B: 80px43ID-B 80px43ID-B
:80px43IL: 80px43IL 80px43IL
:80px43IL-DP: 80px43IL DP 80px43IL DP
:80px43IL-McH: 80px43IL-McH 80px43IL-McH
:80px43IN: 80px43IN 80px43IN
:80px43KS: 80px43KS 80px43KS
:80px43KY: 80px43KY 80px43KY
:80px43MN: 80px43MN 80px43MN
:80px43LA: 80px43LA 80px43LA
:80px43MD: 80px43MD 80px43MD
:80px43MD-VFD: 80px43MD VFD 80px43MD VFD
:80px43ME: 80px43ME 80px43ME
:80px43MA: 80px43MA 80px43MA
:80px43MI: 80px43MI 80px43MI
:80px43UPMI: 80px43UPMI 80px43UPMI
:80px43MN-B: 80px43MN-B 80px43MN-B
:80px43MO: 80px43MO 80px43MO
:80px43MS: 80px43MS 80px43MS
:80px43AMS: 80px43AMS 80px43AMS
:80px43MT: 80px43MT 80px43MT
:80px43NE: 80px43NE 80px43NE
:80px43NC: 80px43NC 80px43NC
:80px43ND: 80px43ND 80px43ND
:80px43NH: 80px43NH 80px43NH
:80px43NJ: 80px43NJ 80px43NJ
:80px43NJMC: 80px43NJMC 80px43NJMC
:80px43NM: 80px43NM 80px43NM
:80px43NY: 80px43NY 80px43NY
:80px43NYSC: 80px43NYSC 80px43NYSC
:80px43OH: 80px43OH 80px43OH
:80px43OR: 80px43OR 80px43OR
:80px43OK: 80px43OK 80px43OK
:80px43PA: 80px43PA 80px43PA
:80px43PATP: 80px43PATP 80px43PATP
:80px43SD: 80px43SD 80px43SD
:80px43TN: 80px43TN 80px43TN
:80px43TNSR: 80px43TNSR 80px43TNSR
:80px43TX: 80px43TX 80px43TX
:80px43TXold: 80px43TXold 80px43TXold
:80px43TXPR: 80px43TXPR 80px43TXPR
:80px43TXFR: 80px43TXFR 80px43TXFR
:80px43TXBC: 80px43TXBC 80px43TXBC
:80px4343TX-CoRd: 80px4343TX-CoRd 80px4343TX-CoRd
:80px43UT: 80px43UT 80px43UT
:80px43VA: 80px43VA 80px43VA
:80px43WI: 80px43WI 80px43WI
:80px43WI-RR: 80px43WI-RR 80px43WI-RR
:80px43WI-RRMT: 80px43WI-RRMT 80px43WI-RRMT
:80px43WV: 80px43WV 80px43WV
:NeapolitanSandwich: NeapolitanSandwich NeapolitanSandwich
:80pxND: 80pxND 80pxND
:80pxCR: 80pxCR 80pxCR
:80pxDD: 80pxDD 80pxDD
:80pxDC43: 80pxDC43 80pxDC43
:80pxDB43: 80pxDB43 80pxDB43
:80pxPBR43: 80pxPBR43 80pxPBR43
:80pxROMarx: 80pxROMarx 80pxROMarx
:Wrench: Wrench Wrench
:OdorUnderwear: OdorUnderwear OdorUnderwear
:OrderWrench: OrderWrench OrderWrench
:WrenchMarx: WrenchMarx WrenchMarx
:riveter: RivetDonor RivetDonor
:holyshit: HolySHIT HolySHIT
:EBGroster: EBGroster EBGroster
:41roster: 41roster 41roster
:OSS: Onion Sack Onion Sack
:windmill43: Windmill43 Windmill43
:T: liaga liaga
:80pxdoofloop: 80pxdoofloop 80pxdoofloop
:RubberShield: RubberShield RubberShield
:awas: awas awas
:DS10: DS10 DS10
:DS11: DS11 DS11
:80pxGazinta: 80pxGazinta 80pxGazinta
:80pxgD: 80pxgD 80pxgD
:80px7: 80px7 80px7
:80px43: 80px43 80px43
:MM43: MM43 MM43
:MM7: MM7 MM7
:80px41USDA: 80px41USDA 80px41USDA
:80px7US: 80px7US 80px7US
:80px7AL-C: 80px7AL-C 80px7AL-C
:80px7AL-J: 80px7AL-J 80px7AL-J
:80px7AR: 80px7AR 80px7AR
:80px7CA: 80px7CA 80px7CA
:80px7CA-SC: 80px7CA-SC 80px7CA-SC
:80px7CO: 80px7CO 80px7CO
:80px7FL: 80px7FL 80px7FL
:80px7GA: 80px7GA 80px7GA
:80px7IL: 80px7IL 80px7IL
:80px7IL-DP: 80px7IL DP 80px7IL DP
:80px7IN: 80px7IN 80px7IN
:80px7KS: 80px7KS 80px7KS
:80px7KY: 80px7KY 80px7KY
:80px7MD: 80px7MD 80px7MD
:80px7MA: 80px7MA 80px7MA
:80px7MNHC: 80px7MNHC 80px7MNHC
:80px7MNSLC: 80px7MNSLC 80px7MNSLC
:80px7MO: 80px7MO 80px7MO
:80px7MS: 80px7MS 80px7MS
:80px7MT: 80px7MT 80px7MT
:80px7NC: 80px7NC 80px7NC
:80px7NM: 80px7NM 80px7NM
:80px7NMold: 80px7NMold 80px7NMold
:80px7NY: 80px7NY 80px7NY
:80px7OH: 80px7OH 80px7OH
:80px7OK: 80px7OK 80px7OK
:80px7RI: 80px7RI 80px7RI
:80px7TNSR: 80px7TNSR 80px7TNSR
:80px7TX: 80px7TX 80px7TX
:80px7TXLoop: 80px7TXLoop 80px7TXLoop
:80px7TXRR: 80px7TXRR 80px7TXRR
:80px7TXPKRD: 80px7TXPKRD 80px7TXPKRD
:80px7VA: 80px7VA 80px7VA
:80px7WA: 80px7WA 80px7WA
:80px7WV: 80px7WV 80px7WV
:80pxHD: 80pxHD 80pxHD
:80pxNoBMW: 80pxNoBMW 80pxNoBMW
:80pxBMW: 80pxBMW 80pxBMW
:winghive: winghive winghive
:IronButt: IronButt IronButt
:80pxSurvivor: 80pxSurvivor 80pxSurvivor
:80px43Alberta: 80px43Alberta 80px43Alberta
:80px43BC-CAN: 80px43BC-CAN 80px43BC-CAN
:80px43Japan: 80px43Japan 80px43Japan
:80pxA43Scotland: 80pxA43Scotland 80pxA43Scotland
:80px7BCCAN: 80px7BCCAN 80px7BCCAN
:80px7ON-CAN: 80px7ON CAN 80px7ON CAN
:80px7GC-ON-CAN: 80px7GC ON CAN 80px7GC ON CAN
:80px7KH-ON-CAN: 80px7KH-ON-CAN 80px7KH-ON-CAN
:HeapBigRosterHonor: HeapBigRosterHonor HeapBigRosterHonor
:Doof_KC: Doof KC Doof KC
:Doof_CO: Doof CO Doof CO
:Doof_VF: Doof VF Doof VF
:Doof_ES: Doof ES Doof ES
:Doof_ES09: Doof_ES09 Doof_ES09
:Doof_VF09: Doof_VF09 Doof_VF09
:Doof_ES10: Doof_ES10 Doof_ES10
:Doof_GF10: Doof_GF10 Doof_GF10
:Doof_ES11: Doof_ES11 Doof_ES11
:Doof_MV11: Doof_MV11 Doof_MV11
:Doof_Cortez12: Doof_Cortez12 Doof_Cortez12
:Doof_Ys13: Doof_Ys13 Doof_Ys13
:Doof_ES14: Doof_ES14 Doof_ES14
:Doof_ES16: Doof_ES16 Doof_ES16
:Doof_KCCO: Doofapalooza KCCO Doofapalooza KCCO
:Doof_KCCOVF: Doofapalooza KCCOVF Doofapalooza KCCOVF
:Doof_KCCOVFES: Doofapalooza KCCOVFES Doofapalooza KCCOVFES
:Doof_KCVF: Doofapalooza KCVF Doofapalooza KCVF
:Doof_COES: Doof COES Doof COES
:Doof_VFES: Doof VFES Doof VFES
:no-nikasil: No Nikasil No Nikasil
:80px437AL-C: 80px437AL-C 80px437AL-C
:80px437AL-L: 80px437AL-L 80px437AL-L
:80px437FL: 80px437FL 80px437FL
:80px437FL-L: 80px437FL-L 80px437FL-L
:80px437TX: 80px437TX 80px437TX
:80px437TX-Spur: 80px437TX-Spur 80px437TX-Spur
:80pxbh743MS-A: 80pxbh743MS-A 80pxbh743MS-A
:80px743PA: 80px743PA 80px743PA
:AZ66: AZ66 AZ66
:CA66: CA66 CA66
:IL66: IL66 IL66
:KS66: KS66 KS66
:MO66: MO66 MO66
:NM66: NM66 NM66
:OK66: OK66 OK66
:TX66: TX66 TX66
:80pxA43England: 80pxA43England 80pxA43England
:80px437Ireland: 80px437Ireland 80px437Ireland
:437: 437 437
:rok: ROK ROK

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