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DAK47 05-22-2014 05:02 AM

Dog Trotting......
Damn, everyone knows cardio is a must do, but it's certainly not a glory thing like how much you can bench or squat ....

Now that I'm older and more patient, been on the treadmill quite a bit since mid March. Was never a big running fan, so just ramped up the incline and walked at the 3.6mph mark. Finally this week graduated to the dog trot and managed a pathetic imitation of running 4.5 miles in a hour. Have been running 4.5-4.7 miles every day since last week and before was walking 4+ miles every day on a 7+ incline when on the job.
I have to admit, it feels good, is ALMOST something I enjoy doing now and although no glory the scale shows quite a difference every week....

Give it a go! I have a long way to go, some of these guys and gals here are running 8 minute miles, but you feel pretty damn good after doing it for a bit. Now to go home tomorrow and see how much hard work I can undo in a week. :DD


ms_tapestry 05-22-2014 06:55 AM

I've been working on working out since I quit smoking (again. . .sigh) I would so love to drop about 20 lbs. Running has never been my thang even when I was young and skinny. I do walk. . .a lot. So good on you, but I don't think I will ever be a runner. :nope:

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