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Dinero 11-09-2015 10:35 PM


dzlfitr 11-10-2015 06:11 AM


par_fore 11-10-2015 09:32 AM

Looks like it's coming along just as planned :Poke:

Slick 11-10-2015 02:11 PM

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Now that it is cool enough to get back out to the garage I can show you the update.

I got the electrical mostly installed along with a new bat'ry. Front and rear brakes overhauled and installed.

Head and cylinders cleaned (mostly). I think the head has at least a Brazilian parts in it.

Next on the hit parade is splitting the case for a quick clean out. The prior owner said he dropped dirt in the case when he pulled off the head and cylinders. I don't know if I'll have to pull the crank or not to do the cleaning.

Slick 11-10-2015 02:12 PM

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Here's the guts.

MrSurly 11-10-2015 02:48 PM

Most Cool!!!

Infidel! 11-10-2015 03:31 PM

Is that frame 2 pcs? I thought in the first pic that it had a broken weld. Now I see bolts and nuts and stuff.


Slick 11-10-2015 03:48 PM

The frame has a removable piece that is mounted with the engine.

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