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Fe Butte 08-30-2017 04:49 PM

Back for brake vibration turned into tank slapper
A few weeks before the PA trip took the bike to the dealer to have them address the front brake vibration. Their "fix" was replacing the muffler hangers and adjust the swing away.

Well just before the PA trip I was able to ride the bike hard in some twisties, to warm it up for an oil change in the engine and primary.

All of a sudden in a nice downhill sweeper, Tank Slapper time! Well I e-mailed them before the PA trip and the week before they call and want to do something about the swing away.

Today I left it with them to look at and 40 miles from home they call and say they found the swing away too tight and loosened it some more. :yikes:

And did you already grease the steering bearings like I asked you to do while the faring was off? (It's at 20 K and I figure while stuff is apart do it and I don't have to ever return to them) They didn't know...

Already too loose, if too tight you get a weave after turns. The entire trip it felt like the front tire was on a patch of ice at slow speeds.

That is what I had with the '06 RG, besides the tank slapper, I had finally gotten it almost too tight and found out about the weave feeling, but it settled (seated?) in and was hardly noticeable, also it stopped the front end wobble at speeds below 40 with hands off the bars. And no tank slapper any more.

Infidel! 08-30-2017 09:04 PM

I have the wobble under 40 with hands off the bars, but never had my tank slapped.

Can you expound on the weave feeling a little?

Fe Butte 08-30-2017 09:23 PM

The wobble is the tank slapper, downhill at 60 plus in a nice sweeping corner to the right and it starts flopping around like a freshly landed carp.

The weave is if you induce some twitch going straight ahead and maybe in and out of corners, you will feel a bit of oscillation in the bars, but goes away in very short time.

Mine (weave) almost made me want to go back into the adjustment, but on the last ride to ES on the '06 it was pretty much unnoticeable by the time I got to AR.

I want to imagine that the bearings seated in better...:blink:

But I could roll at 20 MPH hands off bars and no wobble.

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