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Originally Posted by dwarthog View Post
Very nice job on your RG, very nice!

How do you like the mini-apes? Which ones did you get?
Thanks Dwarthog. With the stock bars, I could not ride for more than 20 minutes without getting a shooting pain down my neck. I'm 6 foot even, with a 34" inseam. I went to the 12" mini apes (Chubbys I think) x 1 1/4". Had to got with 6" over cables. I had the work done at my dealer - OTD P&L was about $700, but they "lost" money (insert tongue in cheek) - in that they quoted me 3 1/2 hours labour to install the bars when in actuality it took them 8 hours - and that was with a good, meticulous wrencher.
With the 12", my hands are still just below my shoulder socket, and I can ride all day and night with absolutely NO pain. I like the back end too, with the smoked laydown taillight and laydown license plate holder. I've got a LED in the taillight - I'm trying to eliminate ALL color off the bike.


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