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Highway 43 Rides and Photos Post them here or they get lost...

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Old 02-12-2007, 06:55 PM
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Getting your group ride pics or 43 pics up on the Doof website...

Getting Your 43 Ride Pics Up On The Main Website

8. Put your 43 ride thread up in this forum.

4. Include your 43 pic/pics in this thread along with the date of your ride or just post your pics and info in this thread:

1c. PM 8-Ball with a link to your post.

I'll be happy to put them up when I do the normal updates.

Highwaymen Pages

Getting Your Doof Group Rides Up On The Main Website

I guess I have to establish some rules for getting pics on the Doof website.

Doof Rides:

5. The leaders of the ride, must acquire all pics.

9. Determine which are keepers and which are not.

1. Sequence them so that a computer will sort them in order by using alphanumeric or numeric scheme;(i.e., texasride001.jpg, texasride002.jpg, etc.)

A. Zip them in a folder and PM me for my email address. I hope to have a doof email soon and it will be posted on the site.

Hwy 43 Rides:

37. These pics must be separate and be named using your VTF screen name (i.e., gruntrider01.jpg, gruntrider02.jpg, etc.... ) you will not need to Zip a few pictures.

2. The date of the ride must be included with the email.

13. For the Hwy 43 ride pics, you can simply post them to the Prospects' 43 Pics Thread.

It took me over 5 hours to sort through the mayhem of the KC pics.... glad to do it for the national rides... no way I'm doing it for the local rides or rides that I didn't go on... I have no idea what the sequence should be.

My goal is to simply drop your pics in a folder and have the program automatically load them into the website creation application.

It is pretty simple really....

Don't be sending me links to photosmashbucket, or to threads that the pics are in somewhere... I'll simply laugh.... and mutter, "idiot."

Thanks, and I look very forward to getting your ride pics up on the site!

Ride-Events Page

FAQ Page

Doof Clenas Veep,

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