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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 01-03-2010, 10:44 AM
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squish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever knowsquish has forgotten more about Harleys than you'll ever know
ms_tapestry by Margarita

Originally Posted by Margarita
Good evening, Ms Tapestry. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves answering twenty probing, impertinent, personal questions. This message will not self destruct in five seconds, so should you not chose to accept it, it will haunt you until the end of time.

You accept? Ah, good. We begin.

1. Please give us a brief biography: where are you from, how did you get here from there, and where do you want to go next?

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I moved to Seminole two years ago in order to secure a job title that I'd trained hard for and waited 2 1/2 years to acquire. I'll be moving to Big Spring by the middle of next month. It's not really where I want to go, but it is where I'm being lead.

2 Will you please explain the source and significance of your various monikers and associated personal smilies? Tapestry is the name of a Carole King album that I love. was added to this forum at my request, hence the reason it carries my name. was added for me and is the result of my introduction thread to this forum. They are both part of who I am, the angel and the bad girl. I embrace and celebrate them both.

3. Describe the secret self that dwells in your deepest psyche (no pressure here): is your pirate exterior disguising Rapunzel? The Little Match Girl? Margaret Thatcher? Did you ever read the comic strip, "For Better or Worse?" I've lived most of my life as Elly, now I am Vicki.

4. How long have you been riding and what made you decide to risk life and limb in this first place? The first man I dated after my divorce rode a Road King. He was charming, charismatic and deeply disturbed on so many levels. One evening a group of us were planning a ride for the next day. His dad asked if I was going and he said no, she can't go. The very next day I signed up for an MSF course. I bought Tawanda in June of 2006. No one can ever tell me I can't ride ever again.

5. How did you come to be involved with this, uhm, highly individualistic group of motorcycle enthusiasts? I was and still am a member of several forums. Fireberry knew me from another place, invited me to stop by and visit and so I did. This smilie is a result of that introduction thread. This forum is very unique. I've never met a finer group of folks and I'm proud to be associated with them.

6. Describe the perfect bike trip: when, where, why, and with whom? The first forum I joined was the now defunct VRMC. A group of riders from that forum invited me to ride down to Hico for pie. That is the day I met Dinero, txhawg (he was late ,) and mongo, the core group of what is now known as the Cloudriders. There were others I met that day, but these are the three that stuck. It was a beautiful day and I don't remember where all Dinero led us, but it was a perfect ride. I have ridden thousands of miles and had wonderful times with a great many people, but that is the one that stands out.

7. What type of bikes have you ridden, and which was your favorite? The only bike I have ever ridden is Tawanda. She is my first love and always will be my favorite. She has been very good and very patient with this newbie rider.

8. Very personal question, but you can make something up and none of us will ever know the difference: what is one of the biggest mistakes you ever made and how did you resolve the problems it caused? I am hesitant to answer this honestly, but here goes. After my divorce there was a time when dating married men seemed safe. It wasn't and proved to be disasterous. It took a very long time to get past the resulting bad Karma. I paid and I learned.

9. Who is your hero/heroine, and why? I have many heroines. Some from history past, some from history in the making. I'm not going to name them, but I admire any woman who stands up in todays society and says, this is who I am, this is what I think and this is what I stand for. It takes balls to do that in this day and age, because eventually they will be crucified by the ones they seek to serve.

10. Which of your five senses brings you the most pleasure in life and why? Touch. . .because.

11. What is the wildest thing you ever did at a bike rally? Danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly

12. Do you prefer men with some years on Ďem, or are you a cougar at heart? I have dated both and when it comes down to brass tacks its going to be a man who is close on either side of my own age. The young ones are fun, but the conversation sucks.

13. Got any phobias? What (is it/ are they)? (Hope triskedecaphobia isnít one of them: this is question #13) Scorpions.

14. Whatís your favorite Constitutional Amendment and why? The Second Amendment. There are those, whether they be individuals or our own government that prey upon the weak. My right to bear arms insures I am not weak.

15. What has been your proudest moment on your bike? Following LittleBear up that drive into the scenic overlook in Junction.

16. What bike riding moment would you prefer to forget? Going off the top of the curve in Hot Springs. I am still so pissed off at myself for that one. Thank God for good friends, you know who you are.

17. What do you like to do when you arenít riding? Like? Hanging out at the house and being absolutely lazy. Love? Spending time with my children and my grandson. Second love, dancing. Country & Western dancing with a good partner is like flying.

18. What was your most cherished childhood ambition? To escape.

19. All Texans, present and expatriate, remember the Alamo. What else do you remember? The Battle of Jacinto. We won that one.

20. What question are you reeeeeaaalllly hoping Iíll ask? And what is the answer? What are the places on my want to ride to list? Canada, Alaska, Key West, Colorado and Sturgis, not necessarily in that order.

Josh..the Husband of Amy

CAUTION! You have entered a Harley based forum. Apply a liberal amount of BS repellent to skin before reading anything by anybody.


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