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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 05-19-2007, 09:44 AM
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LittleBear by 8-Ball

Here you go Mike.

39. How old are you and why?
Not sure. My first memory is a little faded. I seem to recall crawling out from under this rock just in time to watch Dirt make dust for the first time.

2. Ever been married, how many times, how long, any kids, why?
I am on my second wife.
Had 2 boys with the first wife before she decided I would be happier without her. That was one of the few things she was ever right about. That one lasted 23 years.
Now my second wife has a sense of humor, puts up with me, likes to do things with me, or without me, as long as we are having fun. A lot of trust and respect this time and that is what makes it so good. I have been with her for 11 years and married for 2 of those.

6. Where were you born, where have you lived, and where are you now, why?
Born inn Kansas because that was where my mother and Grandmother were at the time. I had no say.
Lived in Kansas, North Dakota, England, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. Why? I am an Air Force Officer’s brat, and we moved around a little. I am currently in TX because when the rest of this country goes to Hell, there will still be Texas.

11. You know a lot of stuff, why?
I learn from my mistakes, of which I have made many.
I have done a lot of things to earn a living and had good teachers, my dad for one. He was a good mechanic, his dad taught him, and he tried to pass a little of his experience on to me.
I read a lot of stuff on the subjects that I enjoy and analyze the information based on my experiences and what makes practical sense to me. I do not just believe everything I read, I could have been from Missouri, the show me state.

43. Being the knower of stuff, what was the biggest thing you screwed up, why did it happen?
The first car motor I rebuilt was foreign job with an overhead cam. When I installed the cam gear onto the end of the cam, I left off a lock washer on one of the bolts. It backed out and hit the timing chain cover shearing off the end of the camshaft.

43a. Being the knower of stuff, what are you the most proud of (mechanically)... oh, and why?
Maintaining my “93 Softail. I have done all the work on it and it has never left me on the side of the road, and I abuse my motorcycles.

74. How long you been riding and what bikes have you owned, why?
I have been riding on the street since 1970. You could get a MC license only to ride sunup to sundown in OK when you were 14. I wanted wheels and my brother had been riding for 2 years. Had to be like my big brother even though he was an A$$. Oh wait, so am I. The bike had to be under a 125cc.. I got a Cushman Twin Jet 100. After a year and 14k miles, I traded it in for a ***** SL 100. We ported the heads and put in heavy duty valve springs with a hooker header, man that thing would scream, literately at 13k rpm. I could run with the boys on 250’s with that thing in the dirt.
Next year I got a Vespa 250. It was a single cylinder 2 stroke street legal dirt bike. Living in OK, if you could not ride on the dirt, your options were limited so a good multipurpose bike was called for.
In 1979 when I graduated from college, I bought myself a Cushman 750 Special, A triple cylinder street bike. At the time Harleys were AMF and pieces of crap. Beside, I could not afford one at the time. I put 60k miles on that thing before my second son was born in 1985. Hard to find time to ride with two young children, so I sold it in 1988.
Job transferred to OR in 1992. When we got there, I ordered a new “93 FLSTC
I took delivery on April 4, 1993 and I still have her in the garage. Honestly, I bought a Harley Softail because it is the only big bike I could put my feet flat footed on the ground. I had not been able to do that on any motorcycle I had ever owned and I want to be able to on my next bike.
Next I got a 1999 FLHT. Touring bikes are so much better for 2 up riding that a Softail.

93. Why have you been such a good friend to me... and you have.
Because you are an honest person with a sense of humor that is not afraid to admit mistakes and learn new things.

38.325. What has been your favorite bike adventure, why?
Every one has been good but the best ones are the ones with my current wife. She has no expectations and enjoys our time together and the things we see. I get to do my two favorite things. Ride and spend time with my wife.

4. What is the coolest thing you have seen while riding, why?
Riding out from underneath a thundercloud and stopping to look back and seeing a brilliant full 180 degree rainbow with lightening behind it. Mother Nature puts on an awesome display when you take the time to look.

17b. What is the deadliest thing you've seen while riding, why?
That would be lightening. Riding across the plains and being the tallest thing around is not a good feeling.

3. If you could do anything you wanted, I mean tomorrow, what would it be? oh, and why?
Fly fighter aircraft. Being in control of something with a thrust to weight ratio greater than one has to be on of the most fantastic feeling you could ever get.

9. What is your ultimate bike, why?
My “93 Heritage. I can touch the ground flat footed. It is fun to ride. It has never failed me. I can keep it running forever because it is so simple. It is red. It sounds good. I feel connected to her.

8. What are you the most proud of (in terms of personal accomplishment) and why?
Raising two sons to manhood. It wasn’t easy.

22. Why do you talk funny?
I learned to talk when my dad was stationed in England. I had a cockney accent that nobody could understand when we were transferred back to OK. I then got a southern accent to go along with it.

1. Why does your brother ride so slow?
He rides a Shovelhead.
He does not like to miss anything, can’t see everything at 80mph.
He is in it for the ride and the adventure, not the distance or the destination.

79. Any heroes... and why?
My dad. He was the hell raiser as a kid in a small town. When anything happened, they came looking for him.
He joined the Army Air Corp the day after Pearl Harbor. He survived 4 damaged aircraft returning from raids over Tokyo in B-29’s.
He taught me how to drive, including how to power slide around corners in the dirt and how fast you can take corners on the street before the car stands on two wheels.
He introduced me to working on motors and was always there to help when I was young.
When I got older, he became a good friend, not just my dad.
He believed in living life, not just existing.

And thanks for asking Why.

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