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Forum Guidelines Nice to know information. A read only forum.

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Code of Conduct

Below are some brief guidelines for general behavior while you're here. Believe it or not, we're not the only people that will be reading the information contained herein. And even if we were, some people just don't know how to behave anyway.

A1A - No posting of anything (goods or services) for sale of a commercial nature unless you are a forum sponsor and what you are selling is your stock in trade.

Personal items for sale in the appropriate subforum are fine, as long as they are not for sale for profit.

If you are making something to sell, buying something for resale, or providing a service, you can not sell it here unless arrangements have been made in advance to suitably compensate the forum and/or demonstrably benefit its members.

Let me be very clear here. If you have a t-shirt you want to sell because it's the wrong size or whatever, fine. If you are making and selling t-shirts, not fine.

If you are selling cell phone service, not fine. If you are selling Amway, not fine.

If you don't own it, you can NOT sell it here (no "my brother-in-law is selling..." type ads).

No raffles not specifically approved by, LLC.

NO pyramid schemes.

6a 1. The posting of the contents of a PM (Private Message) is not allowed without the express written permission of both parties involved. To do so discourages frank, private discussion.

It's also kinda tacky.

2) Suggestions of, threats of, or advocating physical violence against any person or group will not be tolerated.

13) Religious and political statements and discussion shall be confined to the appropriate areas of the forum (R&P is the designated area for religious and political debate and is passworded, PM a Mod for the password if you are so inclined). Religious and political statements (apart from affirmations of one's own faith) do not belong in avatars, signatures, or in the open forum.

Jeff.) Bikers For God, The Prayer Line, Celebrations, In Memory Of and The Arsenal are areas designed for like minded individuals to come together.

43. (b) Members post on this site with an expectation of privacy. Posts, attachments, etc. should not be copied for use elsewhere by anyone other than the posting party.

(f) This forum's resources (or information gained by virtue of membership in this forum) should not be used to attempt to solicit members away from this site, or for personal gain.

12) The object of the forum is to have fun! The Doofs and gAZINTAs tend to lay into each other from time to time... just remember: Don't crap where you eat... you may find yourself riding with them next weekend. Hell, you probably will find yourself riding with them next weekend.

NC-17) If a couple is gonna be all cutesy and sick-making, we gotta spell the endings of their names the same, in all iterations. Nothing I can do about it. i.e., Randy/Wendy, Randall/Wendall, and so forth.

3) With fun in mind, we would request that extreme profanity be left outside (or inside EAYOR), and mild profanity be kept just that. Mild and to a minimum. Yes, it is a biker forum, and yes we all are gregarious individuals. But some of our members and guests may not find some of the coarser humor as amusing as some of us do.

No wet t-shirts or see-thru tops in the open forum. (If you can see color, it's see-thru.) Nothing wrong with a cold gal, so long as her shirt's dry, though....

NO Nudity in the open forums, and NO Pornography anywhere, even in EAYOR.

9) We all kid and jab each other, but please be mindful of people who have just stopped by to see what we're all about. We understand that thread drift will happen from time to time (OK, usually), but try to stay on topic, at least in the tech threads until the question is answered.

1) Have fun.

7) Malicious flaming and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Older members here will recall what happened cross town, and all the animosity it caused. Please do not do it in here.

6) The forum will be experiencing some growing pains. Things will not work correctly from time to time, a little "buffing and tweaking" will need to be done as well. Please use the correct forum to post your requests to the forum moderators.

10) The gAZINTAs are the arch enemies of the Doofs. The Doofs are the arch enemies of the gAZINTAs. Don√’ get between them, they have each other√‘ backs!

31) Regarding other forums and social media; Their business is not our business, and vice-versa. Leave their business at the door, and please do not air our dirty laundry elsewhere.

C.) ONE username per customer, please. If you register as more than one "persona", you risk both of them disappearing permanently.

3) a. 2 Any threatening/harassing PMs, e-mails or other communications sent using this forum or using addresses or information obtained by virtue of forum membership will result in a permanent ban.

R, Not everyone on our happy little forum will necessarily hit it off. If you happen to develop a dislike for someone, for whatever reason, exercise some self control. Following them around and needling them every time they post is neither encouraged nor allowed.

f.) "Grand Farewells" will not be tolerated. They will be deleted on sight from this point forward.

If, after a time, you feel that this forum is not the place for you, simply log out and do not log back in. Eventually, we will delete your membership.

13. Should an individual choose not to post here (or be banned from doing so), posts made in/on their behalf will be deleted.

This does not apply to posts made on the behalf of a member who is unable to post due to illness or temporary lack of internet access.

Note: The term "post" (as used in the Forum Guidelines, FAQ, etc.) includes all forums, private messages, signatures, avatars, user titles and e-mail features.

D,1) Doofapaloozas (as well as regional/local events) are voluntary and simply get-togethers of friends and acquaintances who are active members of this forum.

j.) Group rides are not sanctioned by this forum or by, LLC nor are they limited to members of this forum. These rides are independent get togethers of individual riders in the name of friendship, are open to the public, there are no charges or fees involved whatsoever, and everyone who attends does so at their own risk and expense. Any and all liability is the responsibility of each rider. The Doof Clenas Motorcycle Forum & Collective and any member thereof serving in any capacity, as well as, LLC, shall be held harmless for personal injury or property damage due to any accident or incident that takes place during any event, or any training session, endorsed or otherwise organized through the use of The Doof Clenas Motorcycle Forum & Collective website or forums.

B. Excommunicated members are persona non grata under any circumstances at Doof events.

Please see important safety information HERE!!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Many forum members (past and present) contributed to this document.

Edited ad nauseum and signed,


Respect and The Forum

We are the Doofs, the gAZINTAs, the Delinquents, and now the damned Swiss. These rules are not intended to be all encompassing, and any member who's presence is seen as not being conducive to the mission of this forum is subject to removal. Privileges here are just that, privileges.
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