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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 04-27-2007, 01:48 PM
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apache36 by Scabbydoo

1. How old are you and where did you grow up, go to school etc.?
i'm probably one of the youngest Doofs here i'm 34, i was born in a very small town called Staunton IL, i lived in Bunker Hill IL until i was 17. my father and i had a falling out so i moved to Spokane WA, to live with my biological mother, where i finished HS in an alternative school. talk about an eye opening expireance. i went from a town of 1700 including dairy cows, to a major city.

2. A little family background like any brothers and/or sisters etc.?
my father and mother divorced when i was less than a year old, and both have remarried. my father married a great woman, and i have a brother and sister from them. my brother has made a name for himself in the lumber sales industry, and my sister, well she's my sister. i just have to love her for who she is. my bio mother remarried and they too have a son and daughter between them, we're not very close as that side of my family is very dysfunctional.

3. Have you ever been married and if so, any children?
yep, i'm a two time offender. my first wife cheated on me and left shortly after a deployment to the gulf in '96. and my second wife who i had two beautiful daughters with left shortly after my return from iraq (notice a pattern?). my oldest daughter Jordan (7) was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 4, so that's been a huge challenge. Taylor my youngest (6) is just scary smart. so much so that she gets bored with school.

4. What prompted you to enlist in the Army and how long do you plan on staying in?
I originally enlisted in the WAARNG (WA National Guard) for a little extra money each month. when i went off to Basic training in '94 i thought to myself that if this is what it's all about, then i'm gonna do this full time 'till i retire. so i've been on active duty since Nov of '94. i've been at it for 13 years, and i'm still having fun. i've had 2 deployments to the middle east, a tour in korea, a month long mission on the TX/Mexico border with the US border patrol, and even had the opportunity to work with a couple of the "groupies". since i'm "over the hump" i'll go ahead and finish it out at 20 years.

5. If you hadn't enlisted, what do you think you would be doing now?
i've always been very mechanical. so i'm sure i'd be working ina shop of some sort in some capacity. i have a real knack with tools and how things work. i do almost all of my own work on my bike, and all of my own auto work. in fact before i joined i worked as a tire guy, then got into brakes and front end. i really enjoyed it, but it has no retirement plan. so i had to make a change, hence the army

6. What's your MOS (describe it's function)?
i'm a 19D38, if you look at my ERB (enlisted records brief) i'll break that down for you non-army types. 19D is my job, i'm a cavalry scout. actually an armored reconnaissance specialist. the cliff notes version of my job is the "old indian scout look out". we go out in front of every one looking for the enemy.
our motto is "first in last out....scouts out". the 3 means that i'm a Staff Sergeant, and the 8 means that i'm "Instructor Qualified".

7. What would you like to do when you leave the Army?
be a wal-mart greeter . actually i'll probably get a job at the post office and do 20 there so i can double dip a govt retirement.

8. How did you get to be a mod at VTF? What are the good points of it? What are the bad points of it?
There was a lot going on "across the street" and i thought i could be an asset to the MODs there since i spent alot of time there. i had seen the forum grow since '03 when i showed up there. some of the growing was good, and some not so good. the good points are that you get to see the "bigger picture", and you can influence the place for the better. the one thing is you can't make decisions based on your personal beliefs, you really have to be fair, and follow the rules set forth. ask any other mod they'll tell the bad points is you really can catch a lot of crap when you make a decision
that some think is unpopular. again, you can't make those decisions based on you're personal beliefs. you're there to do a job, so you can't take it personal.

9. We know Amy has been your Nurse recently. What other place does she have in your life (i.e. de we need to be renting tuxes)?
Amy is the most wonderful thing that has ever come into my world (next to my daughters). we are very serious, and taking things one day at a time. we both have kids to think about and don't want to make a wrong decision. but we're very happy with each other, and i would even go as far as saying that she's the one. if it all works out i want a chit load of Doofs at the wedding.

10. How long have you been riding and what started you riding?
i actually started riding after i got back from iraq. it's something i've always wanted to do since i can remember. there's just something about the way you feel when you're out on two wheels. i know why dogs hang their heads out of car windows. it's actually the best therapy i've found for the PTSD that i have. the more i ride the better i feel.

11. Have you owned bikes other than the one you now ride and if so what were they?
nope nothing previous to the "mistress"

12. Describe the best ride you have done.
that was the summer i got my bike. i met a group of "riders" who actually were full patch members of a very old MC at one time. they no longer partook in the MC, but retained some of the traditional "values" of being a "biker". it was all about helping a fellow rider/biker no matter what he was on HD or metric. we went on a ride to Marble Falls TX from belton. it was an awsome trip with great friends.

13. Describe the worst ride you have done.
honestly i can't think of one, they've all been really good in their own way.

14. Describe the one ride you want to do.
any one where i pull out of my drive way with a change of clothes rolled up on the handle bars, a week off of work, and the hardest decision would be right or left. i love to take the road less traveled, and meet people that i would not normally meet. i really don't know any strangers since i can talk to most any body, about most any thing.

15. What is the one thing you want us to know about Josh?
i'm a very simple low maintenance guy, who just loves to live life to it's fullest. i've done a lot in my life from working on dairy farms to sport climbing (long before the "X" games were even a wet dream),even been to the top of Mt Rainer. but that was my wilder younger days. now i like to keep my feet very close to the ground.

16. What is the one thing Amy wants us to know about Josh?
"he's a great cook" according to Amy

17. What is the one thing you don't want us to know about Josh?
i don't care what size they are i HATE spiders!!!

18. What is the one thing Amy doesn't want us to know about Josh?
she says i'm a closet Mythbusters fan. in fact she really hates that show.

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