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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 05-02-2007, 03:56 PM
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swmnkdinthervr by darrell

Originally Posted by darrell View Post
A) Could you start off by telling us your name, and what it is that you do for a living? Do for a my spare time I'm a beaver wrangler...that leaves a little time for my other source of

2) Where did you grow up as a child? I was orphaned young and was raised by a junkyard dog. (that's why I'm always trying to scratch behind my ear with my toes)

C) Interesting how you came up with your screen name. Could you tell us the exact story behind it? The truth...ok...I always wanted enough land so that I could rnndthruthewds...but that got me all sweaty so I decided I'd rather swmnkdinthervr...

5) It seems that you are an intregal part of the NOVA Delinquents. Could you give us a little history as how that group came to be? And how exactly did it come about that you started calling yourselves "Delinquents"? Kinda hung up on this exact thingy ain't ya...Once upon a time and a long time ago too---click--->

Q) What motorcylces have you owned in the past? What motorcycles would you like to own in the future (money being no object)? I've owned all sorts and brands of bikes but the ones I wish I still had and would buy again was my '57 Ariel Square Four and my old '66 Shovel

4) What were the biggest influences that have made you who you are today? Xavier Hollander and Heidi Fleiss...

-3) Past, Present, or Future persons; Who would you like to sit down, have dinner with, and pick their brain? Gieco gecko, Bozo the Clown and the little blonde sittin' at the corner this AM

W) What made you become a Doof? Doofs are born...not made...

0) What scares you, gives you the willies, or just freaks you out? In all honesty the people that post down the street in the R&P forum...the fact that they believe what they post scares me silly...

8) Best trip on a motorcycle? I once rode a ***** S90 from WPB Fla. to Midland Tx. to pick up a Triumph I bought...I'm very pleased that I survived!

I) One thing in your past, that most vividy stands out in your memory (good, not bad) Most folks would say that the bith of their kids was the most wonderful time in their lives...while I agree that is was an incredible experience, having had 6 kids I was way more pleased when they all moved out!!!

43) Anything us Doofs, gAZINTa's, or Delinquents should know about you that's too interesting not to mention, or that I forgot to ask about? You forgot to ask about my kissing bikers...I don't kiss and tell though...

You all now know more than my wife. (and likely more than you wanted to know) I kinda drew a blank as I was responding...I work much better in public

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