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Old 05-21-2007, 01:25 PM
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trmn8r by Jams

I tried to not be to verbose but think i failed.... I really am honored that Jams wanted to ask me any questions, as I have no doubt there are a lot of more interesting people around here than me... maybe he just wanted to find some new material to work with

so with no further delay.... here you go:

1. Is that is your real user name? What is the significance of it ---- in other words -- what does the name mean to you and why did you choose it?

I have been using trmn8r since… my entire online life. I think it was the first username I ever used online. On Prodigy many many many years ago looking back. If not on Prodigy then on AOL about 6 months after I first signed on to Prodigy then made the switch to AOL. Funny looking back now how I thought moving to AOL was moving up.
Any way trmn8r originated because I had… no make that still have a ’78 Chevy Blazer

that at the time I was working on lifting, and building up to be a big street 4x4. Has a 383 (a real tourqie motor) 3” body lift on it now, a 9” suspension lift still setting out in storage waiting to go on, and was planning on putting on 44” Monster Mudder tires when it was all lifted up.

This brings up the answer to this question

2. Which terminator makes your boat rock and why ? (Ah-nold, the silver metal cop or the hard ass chick) .

If I had ever have gotten my truck finished I was going to repaint it and have some airbrushing done on it. It was going to be the silver exoskeleton of TERMNINATOR then of course TRMN8R was going to be my personalized license plates. I still have the truck and it still may all happen someday.

3. Being a Texan -- does it bother you that most folks don't know what a Dumas, Texas is? Explain....

Always just figured you to be from Dumas Jams… Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas and all ya know. Actually that wouldn't bother me at all, I am in Amarillo, about 30 miles south of Dumas. Amarillo's population is about 174,000 and most don't even know where it is. It is a little annoying to go somewhere in Texas, tell someone your from Amarillo and and have them go "Where's that over by Dallas or somethin?" (in my best texas drawl there). But I understand that even in this modern world of jets, internet and even color TV all that matters to most people is just their little corner of the world. Lots of people in big cities never go much further than a few blocks from their home and if its past the corner convenience store they don't even hardly know it exists... sad really.

4. Do you consider your self a risk taker,,, one who will sharpen pointy sticks with a pocket knife towards your stomach or sharpen them away from your body. Or do you consider yourself extra cautious and have someone else sharpen pointy sticks for you? Explain.

In my younger years I went out of my way to take risks… and have the scars on my stomach to prove it… from my stick sharpening with knife pointed the wrong way and the surgeons knife pointed the correct way. Surgery #1 for a ruptured spleen, caused by to much alcohol and to much risk taking together at the same time. Another for a surgery to replace a disc in my spine caused by multiple, “hey man hold my beer and watch this” moments… plus a bunch that didn’t even require someone to hold my beer
As I’ve gotten older, I have like most started taking fewer risks. In my late 30’s that back surgery made that a necessity. Now, one surgery later, my back never felt better but I’ve fortunately wised up enough to know if I start taking those risks again I will end up in as much or more pain than I lived in for several years with my back… not gonna do it.

5. Your profile says that you are 41. Did you ever think that you would have made it this far before now? What do you credit for your good fortune and or your purpose of being? Expound.

Are you kidding? The first 30 years of my life I was six foot tall and bullet proof! The next few years after that…not so much bulletproof. Now at 41 sometimes I just hope to see 51.
I guess I have to credit my ex-wife for getting me part of the way here… only damn good thing she did for me… other than bear my child I guess. My daughter Kristine has gotten me the rest of the way and is what I consider my purpose of being now to be. If not for her, I very likely might have gone back to my pre-marriage way of life… you know more of the “hey man hold my beer and watch this”.

6. How long have you been riding and at what point in your life can you look back and can say --- "Yep,,, if only I never _________, I would now be what people who don't understand would consider to be normal _____. Fill in the blanks and explain.

I have ridden since I was a wee 5 year old. Not continuously though I’m afraid. At 5 my dad bought me a 50cc ***** Mini Trail. Looking back, he and my mom were divorced, he might of gotten me the bike just to make her life miserable. At about 11 or so he bought me a DT125 Cushman Enduro bike. Back then enduro bikes were more street bike than dirt bike but they sure must have been tough cause I rode, used and abused that bike for years. It finally gave up the ghost when I was about 14 or 15. Around that time I was walking across a field near my moms house and fell over a Kowalski 250 dirt bike. Called the cops, ran a add in the paper or whatever was required of us to find the owner and no one ever came forward so my mom spent a couple hundred dollars to help me get it running, new chain, tire small stuff. Rode that bike a year or so, till some kid from nearby saw it in my yard and claimed it was his… told him to F OFF its mine now. That night we chained it by the bars to the porch… he came that night, took off the bars and pushed it over a mile across a field with no handlebars to get it back to his house… decided he wanted it worse than I did so didn’t try to get it back. I didn’t ride till I was 19 after that. Bought a VFR1000 crotch rocket to try to kill myself on… never crashed it but looking back I probably deserved to. Kept that till I was 21, sold it when I woke up one day and realized I could kill myself way to easy on it. Somewhere in all that was a Vespa quadracer that caused way to more scars and bruises than it was worth. Bought a Cushman Virago early in ’06 cause it was cheep and thought I could ride that a few years.. make sure I wanted to start riding again and save up money to get that Harley I had wanted for as long as I could remember… rode it a couple of months and realized I did not want to wait “a few years” to save up money for that Harley so started putting all I could back for a downpayment… in a little over 6 months I had put back close to $10,000 so I went and got my bike pretty quick then
Oh your question….I cant really point to one thing in life that made me go the direction I have,… I guess that first little ***** Mini Trail caused it all. Also I think I and all of us are “normal” and the people that don’t understand are the abnormal ones

7. First bike? Is your current bike your most favorite bike and do you love her and plan to keep her forever?

OOPS kind of answered that one above I guess. Obviously my current bike is my favorite and I do plan to keep her forever. I may get another someday but don’t see myself ever getting rid of the one I have now.

8. Tell us about your most memorable ride and what made it so special. Were rain goggles ever introduced into acts of foreplay? More expounding.

I guess right now my most memorable ride would be the CC April Fools Run. Cause it was so much fun meeting so many people face to face for the first time and having so damn much fun partying with them one and all.
Raingoggles are strictly a riding accessory… I do all my foreplay Au-Natural!

9. What do you do for makin bacon? How long have you been makin that bacon and do you enjoy it and where do you see yourself five years from now --- ten years ?

I work for Owens Corning Fiberglass. We make material for composites… stuff that might go into cars, bathtubs, boats, that type of stuff not insulation or corningware dishes… I get told a lot usually by little old ladies…”oh I just love the dishes you all make there”. I have had just about every production job in the plant at one time or another. Currently I am in the “batch house” where I unload railcars of material that gets melted in the furnaces and turns into fiberglass.

Every 24 hours we unload about 1,000,000 pounds of clay, silica, limestone, etc. We mix about 1,000,000# of raw material into a finished batch product… and deliver about the same 1,000,000# over to the main plant to the furnaces, so we move a total of about 3 million pounds a day, mostly its all automated, at least the mixing and delivery… the unloading is the manual part… so far they haven’t been able to automate getting material off rail cars… I guess if they ever do I might be out of a job. 
Do I enjoy it? … well I enjoy getting paid regularly, its kind of monotonous but it pays pretty good for around here so I suppose I’ll be staying, 5, 10, however many years they let me stick around

10. How's the family doing that took you in when your space craft teleported you to our planet as a small child? Parents, siblings, wife's, children, pets?

Parents have both passed away. My mom about 15 years ago, my dad about 5 years ago. I was raised from the 3rd grade on by my grandmother. She passed away just a couple of months ago, I think losing her was harder then my parents since like I say she pretty much raised me. My ex-wife cant pass fast enough to make me happy. My daughter Kristine the GazintA doll in training is 12 going on 20, she needs to slow the heck down some! I have been dating the same lady, Jenny, for the last hhmmm going on 4 years.

Jenny and I the other day at the Texas State H.O.G. rally at the breakfast they had at Palo Duro Canyon.

She’s pretty great and I hope we stay together till later in life, I told her not long after meeting her that I wasn’t getting married again till the kids are raised… not putting her or myself in the step parent roll again… it’s a sucky place to be and I’m not doing it again. As for pets, my daughter has a cat ‘peaches’. My daughter would like more pets but understands that with my 12 hour work schedule and us both being over at Jenny’s so much of the time it wouldn’t be fair to an animal to be alone so much of the time.

11. Do they understand your straying from the straight and narrow for some silly notion about a presidency?

Do they understand? I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say they “understand” . Do they tolerate and listen to my stories about the exploits of the Dooves and GazintAs? Yes, they smile and nod and pretend to understand My daughter is the most understanding / curious about it of all. She just off the top of her head out of the blue will pop off and ask me some question about Dooves or GazintAs that you can just tell she has been pondering for some time and genuinely wants to know about. She got a huge kick out of my posting her in her “7” shirt the other day and got a big laugh when I started reading the replies to her.

She did want to know “Dad why did you post them to the Doof websight and not the GazintA websight.?” I had to explain to her that us GazintA’s just enjoy the fruit the Dooves plant for us here, we would rather just enjoy the sight and let the Dooves do all the “work” running the place. She seemed to understand… kind of like her around here in her mind I guess, lay back let dad do the hard work and she can just kind of enjoy life

12. Would you tell us of any secret gaZinta plans for world domination?

Secrets? There are no secrets! It’s been said over and over again… their simply are no rules.
A Creed…. "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them."

That’s all there is, there aint no more… that’s all that’s needed for world domination… one doof at a time wakes up and realizes that the no rules and the one creed are all that matters in life… what more could there be… it may take years to get the world taken over at this rate but hey we got time… there’s no rush.

If you made it this far WHEW ya got a longer attention span than I probably would have had reading about me

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