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Old 04-27-2007, 01:40 PM
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Lady Godiva by zukeeper



1) first question of course is , why did you choose the nic you use ?

I got the nickname “Lady Godiva” from the title of an article (Godiva Rides a Harley) that accompanied a photo pictorial in an issue of “Biker” magazine where I rode a motorcycle butt-nekkid. I had already done it once before to upgrade my status in the North American Nude Motorcycle Riders Association from “Wyooter Hooter” member to “Full Moon” member.

2) how did your in-laws react when they first met you ? were they expecting their son/brother/ to bring home a lady biker ?

My in-laws are bikers themselves! They are the most awesome, caring people, and they were thrilled that their son found himself a biker chick to marry! I’m very fortunate to have such a great “family” down here in SC because the rest of my family and friends are back in Michigan. I wouldn’t trade my in-laws for the world!

3) thats a pretty hot gator picture , is there a story behind it ?

As a matter of fact, there’s a very SIGNIFICANT story behind it! That picture was taken the day that Travus (my husband) and I really first noticed each other and started hanging out. We were both at a party for a girlfriend of ours. Travus helps out the local critter-getter guy when he needs it, and he had brought over the smaller gator to the party before I got there.

When I found out, I was bummed I missed it, so he asked if I wanted to go see the two gators they had captured. I said “HELL YES”, hopped on the back of his bike, and went to go see the gators. I ended up going to get my bike and we took those pictures. Travus and I started hanging out after I went by to drop off copies for him (he lived in the same condo complex as me). I found out later that the day those pictures were taken, as I was riding away, he told his buddies “I’m gonna marry that girl!” And he did!!!

4) how often do you wear thongs ?

I wear thongs all the time - I absolutely LOVE the feel of the hot sun on my butt!! I hate regular bathing suits and underwear. When I’m at the beach, I always lay out away from people and don’t parade around the beach without a cover-up on, because even though I’m wearing a thong, I don’t want people looking at me. Stoopid, huh?

5) favorite color ? RED!!!

6) I know you love ink , do see yours ever being finished or is it only going to be finished when you run out of canvas ?

Well, I’m kind of running out of canvas already. I don’t want to cover my whole back, and I don’t want anything on my legs or anything else on my arms, so this was probably my last big piece. As a general rule, I don’t care for tattoos on women’s arms except for armbands, and I don’t care for full back pieces on women. I want to keep my tattoos “feminine” as far as the flow of the art and where I put it. I want to get some of the old work on my right shoulder covered up, and I need to get some of the older pieces on my back re-done, so I’ll be able to get my “fix” that way for awhile.

8) I can't remember you mentioning children , do you have any or is this something you wish to keep off of the net ?

I have no children – never wanted them for some reason, and still don’t. I’ve never had that “maternal instinct” that most women have, but I have all the respect in the world for parents, because I don’t think I could ever be one. I swear I’d be insane within the first 10 minutes, and I’d go crazy worrying about them all the time. It’s not that I don’t LIKE kids, but I can only handle them in small doses, and a screaming baby will send me running. Heck – I’ve only ever held 1 baby in my life – my sister's! She cried…. LOL!

9) You are on your second harley correct ? do you ever see getting rid of this one in favor for something else or do you tend to get attached to your bikes making it very hard to let go of them ?

Yep – this is only my second bike in 13 years of riding. I tend to keep my vehicles for a long time (cars and bikes), and I have no plans to get rid of my Road King anytime soon. I love it, it runs great, and it’s exactly what I wanted, plus it’s paid for so I’m riding it for free! (I bought it with the money I got from getting whacked on my old bike).

I really have no reason to get rid of it, but I may at some point get a new bike, if something that really catches my eye comes out or if my bike starts having frequent mechanical problems. If that happens, I’d wait and buy something used that’s set up the way I want it, like I did with my Road King. I can’t stand the thought of buying a new bike, then throwing more money at it to make it the way I want it.

10) does your husband share the same circle of friends as you ? If not , do you intimidate his friends ?

We pretty much share the same circle of friends. Travus has been on the island for around 15 years and knows pretty much everyone through his work. His friends definitely aren’t intimidated by me because Travus isn’t one of the most typical people either. They know he’s unique, so when they meet me, it’s nothing new to them.

11) do people think your crazy when you mention the word "doof"

LOL! People think I’m crazy anyway! But really, the only person around here who knows anything about the Doof Clenas is Travus. And yes, he thinks it’s a little weird, but oh well. It really IS hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there when the Doof Clenas were “born”. I don’t have patches yet or a timing cover, so I guess I’m an “undercover Doof” at this time. There aren’t any other Doofs in my area, which is a bummer, so I have to meet up with them in other places when I can.

12) speaking of doofs , what do you think might be in the future for doofs ?

Hmmm…hopefully more of the same as far as the camaraderie and caring that develops between them. And of course, more Doofiness, because it’s always a welcome break to read something on the forum that makes me laugh in the middle of my stressful workday.

Honestly, there’s a group of people here on this forum that mean as much, if not more, to me than most of the people that I know here on the island. I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers and am always happy to be able to come to a place where I know I’m accepted and liked. It’s like meeting up with a group of your friends that you can laugh and joke with, or share your troubles with, or ask advice from. I think that’s pretty unique, and I think that’s what makes the Doofs so….spethial. LOL!

13) Those pesky Gazintas , how do you feel about those weird ass 's ?

Well, honestly, I’m not so sure about the whole Doof vs. GaZintas thing. It’s funny as long as everyone keeps it within reason, but I’m always afraid it’ll get out of hand. I’ve never been one to really poke fun at anyone too much, since when I was younger I got picked on a lot. It’s hard for me to pretend to be an “enemy” of someone on the forum that I like, so I don’t participate in the “rivalry” too much.

14) ever been in a wet Tee shirt contest ?

Oh, HELL YES – many times! I usually didn’t win, because a lot of times it comes down to chicks getting naked or doing something really nasty to win, and I won’t do that, but I had a blast! I say “had” because now that I’m married, I’m more mellow – I figure I’ve been there and done that, and out of respect for my husband, I don’t need to be flashing boobies anymore.

15) what rallies have you been to ? do you find them getting too big for their own good ?

I’ve been to Daytona Bike Week many times, Daytona Biketoberfest many more times, the VA Beach Bike Classic once last year, Myrtle Beach Fall Rally several times, the Charleston Heritage Rally last year (and now it’s done), and this year I’m going to Myrtle Beach Spring Rally for the first time.

Yes, I think things are getting a little too big as far as the major rallies I’ve been to. We quit going to Daytona because the price gouging for hotels, etc. was so bad, along with the cops and the rules. You can’t get anywhere because of the traffic, and it can end up being a drag. Plus, of course, all the people who get drunk and ride.

The rally I’ve enjoyed the most is the Myrtle Beach Fall Rally – the rates for hotels are very reasonable, and the crowds aren’t huge, plus the weather is usually good.

I hope one day to get to Sturgis, where there are actually beautiful places to RIDE. That’s on my list of things to do before I die…

16) are you a dog person/cat person or something else ?

Definitely a CAT person. Dogs are too much like kids… LOL!

17) how do you stay in such incredible shape ?

I don’t. LOL! I was in pretty good shape when the gator pics were taken, but that was before I got married and then had back problems and back surgery. BUT, I’m on my way back, and what I really love to do that gets me in great shape is kickboxing. It’s pretty much cardio kickboxing now, but when I was in Michigan I went to a class where we’d spar and punch and kick bags with a partner, etc.

I hate just going to the gym to work out – I like going to a class where I have to be there at a certain time, work out for an hour, then leave. We just got a GREAT home gym last week, and Travus bought me a 3-station Everlast workout unit with a heavy bag, speed bag and punching ball (or whatever it’s called) for my birthday, along with one of those big workout balls, so within a few days we’re going to have a great gym here at the house that I know I’ll use.

I also enjoy lifting weights – I dated a bodybuilder when I was younger and have always enjoyed lifting. Luckily, I have a good basic muscle structure from my early years of horseback riding and weight lifting. Plus I'm tall, so I can get away with carrying a bit more weight. Hopefully by the end of the year the “gator Laurie” will be back!!

18) veggie or a meat eater ? Both! My favorite food is Mexican - I could eat Mexican food every day of my life - but then no one would want to be around me...

19) favorite soft drink ? Diet Coke

20) do you have a gremlin bell ?

Yes – a girlfriend here gave it to me. I have it hanging off my handlebar instead of way down low where they say you’re supposed to hang it, because I like to hear it when I’m riding.

21) where do you see yourself 7 years from now ?

Still happily married to Travus, in “gator shape”, possibly living someplace like Myrtle Beach - hopefully mortgage free - and doing something I like for a living – like motorcycle repair.

22) your also a gearhead , if you could have any car past or present , what would it be?

Oh wow – I’d have to say one of those old 30’s Ford trucks – chopped, like the one in the ZZ Top videos. Or an old Pontiac GTO or Chevy Chevelle. I’ve always LOVED old muscle cars!

23) how many traffic tickets have you received in the last 7 years ?

None. I’ve only ever gotten one speeding ticket when I was in my 20’s.

24) do you think weed should be legalized ?

I’m really not up on the whole legalizing marijuana issue. If it was for medical benefits, possibly, but I wouldn’t want it to be OK for everyone to just smoke pot for recreational reasons! Then again, people do it anyway, so maybe legalizing it would be a way to have some control over it and for the government to make some money from its use. Of course, they’d probably just squander the money on something useless like $425 toilet seats….

25) were you a,
a: trouble maker
b: kind of slutty
c: a loner
d: popular
E : picked on
f: all or none of the above
in school ??

Depends on what age you’re talking about. When I was younger, in grade school and middle school, I was a loner and got picked on because I was a skinny dork. In high school, I was still a loner, but didn’t get picked on anymore because I was the one who chose not to associate with the other preppy kids in school, who I couldn’t stand. After I got out of high school, and into my early 20’s, I’d have to say I was kinda slutty!! LOL! That was in the 80’s, and seeing as how I was such a dork when I was younger, discovering sex and finally turning into a “swan” made me go a little crazy as far as sex was concerned. It was kind of like a new toy – know what I mean?

26) If there was one thing in your life you could change , what would it be ?

My job – I would love to have a job doing something that I really enjoyed, instead of dreading going into work every day and being so stressed out. I’m working on that!! I hope one day we’ll be financially secure enough so that I can go take classes in motorcycle repair, we can open up our own shop, and I can spend the days playing with motorcycles!

Thank you for the interview – your questions were great and I’m honored that you wanted to know more about me.

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