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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 04-27-2007, 01:45 PM
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8-Ball by harleyjsb

harleyjsb----Ok,here's 8-Ball's interview...............

Where were you born and where else have you lived?

I was born and raised in Denver, CO. Moved to San Diego in 1972 halfway through my senior year of high school... I blame this for myriad mental problems and personalities. Quit college and took a job managing a Radio Shack in Oildale, CA (just outside Bakersfield). I was engaged to Mary at the time and we were married six months later. I was 20 and she was 18. We lived up there for three years and then moved back to San Diego... been here ever since. I keep looking for a better place to live, but haven't found any yet (I'm talking weather of course, not political climate).

Where did you go to school?

Well... I went to Doull elementary, then Kunsmiller Junior High, then Lincoln High School. This was in Denver. After moving to San Diego I finished HS at Patrick Henry and then went to Grossmont College, Cuyamaca College and finally San Diego State University. I have a bonified AA degree and am probably the only one you know with a Masters Equivalency Degree. I was asked to be an adjunct professor at a local college, and of course, you need to have a masters degree to teach at the college level. The state of California asked for all of my education and work experience along with my professional credentials and granted me the equivalency. I've got the cancelled check stubs to prove it... although they don't look that impressive framed.

I think everyone knows you are married,but tell us a little about your family.

I've been married 31 years to the same gorgeous woman and I still love the hell out of her. I'd be nothing without her. We have three daughters, 28, 20, and 16. They are all gorgeous like their mother. My oldest is married and living in Morro Bay with her husband who is currently attending classes at Cal Poly.

What is your occupation and what other jobs have you had in the past?

I'm an Interior Designer. I specialize in space planning, kitchen, bath, master suite, home office, home theater and lighting design.

Past jobs... lets see: drugstore delivery boy, McDonalds burgers, factory assemby line, janitor at Montgomery Wards, oilfield worm, radio shack manager, waterbed company manager, general contractor, sales, software coder, adjunct professor... I also shoveled snow as a kid.

What is your plan for 10 yrs from now?

Right now I want to be sitting in a rocking chair next to my lovely bride out in the backyard of our humble little paid off abode in Prescott, AZ... going for rides... with no particular destination in mind. This plan changes constantly...

Tell us something funny about yourself that no one on here knows about.

I used to lecture on design around the country and at some point we got these cordless lapel microphones.... very nice if you are Italian. Forgot to turn it off on a break and headed for the mens' room... the rest became legend.

What is the best ride you have taken?

I've got to say Kansas City last year to meet up with the doofs. I used to ride a ***** 750SS back and forth from Bakersfield to San Diego when I was in my 20's looking for a job to relocate back home. But taking that trip last year was like nothing I'd ever done before. At first I was disappointed that I was going to have to ride alone. Almost decided not to go... then said, "what the hell." Being out in the middle of nowhere and experiencing the world happening to you is pretty damned cool. I met folks I wouldn't have had I been riding with someone else, took detours I woudn't have taken, and stayed places I probably wouldn't have stayed. I loved that trip! I only almost died twice... both in Oklahoma. Once when it just started down pouring rain and I could barely see to get off the road in massive traffic and the other while coming around a bend at around 90 mph only to find two semi's blocking the road in stopped traffic. I now know that I can lock up my rear wheel and get out of it at high speed and actually do a little manuevering while I'm at it. I learned I will never leave on a trip without a gun... there are some interesting places out there where one could just disappear without a trace. I've never felt freedom like I did on that trip.

If you had the time what ride would you like to do?

I'd like to do a circuit around the perimeter of the country. I'd start by running the west coast northward... do all of the pacific coast highway and then head east through Montana, the Dakotas, follow the shores of the Great Lakes, hit Niagra Falls, head up to Maine and then travel the east coast down to the tip of Florida. I'd wind it up by following the gulf coast back through Texas and on home.

Do you plan on keeping the bike you have now,or do you think you will trade in a few years?{meaning do you get bord with things and want something new}

I was just at the American Iron Horse dealer last week so I'm always looking. My original plan was to buy this bike and just keep it going until I die. I like my scoot and will try to just keep it right up to and through its rat phases.

My perfect bike would be something on the order of a bagger ala Exile cycles steam roller look IN A SOFTAIL.

Tell us about some of the bikes you have had in the past.

Mostly dirt bikes growing up. Used to spend a lot of time out in the desert riding and then I built a baja bug. I helped my brother restore a basket case '54 74 chopped when I was 14. I rode it but didn't own it. I remember not being able to turn that thing around to save my life. That was the bike that launched me into the rafters when I first tried to kick start it. When I moved to Bakersfield I bought a trail 90 to go back and forth to work, then after Mary moved up, I traded it on a ***** 360. We made the run to Morro Bay several times on that but it hurt. I traded it for a ***** 750 super sport which made the run to the coast very comfortable. Kids started to come and I sold it. Promised Mary I would wait until the kids got older. Apparently that happened when I turned 50 and the youngest was halfway through high school. I went in looking for a Fatboy and decided on the '05 RK Custom.

What kind of music do you like?

I like everything but Rap and HipHop. The lyrics disgust me.

I like opera, blues, swing, Italian (Vale, Martin, not Sinatra), Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Santana, Dire Straits, Country, Eagles, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Dave Mason, Whitney Houston, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, etc, etc, etc.

I don't care for the Stones or the Doors oddly enough... and I don't care for heavy metal or pretty much anything Gordito listens to.

Do you have other hobbies that we do not know about?

Too many... Photography, Woodworking, Working on my bike (this is a new one), fixing things... I can fix or modify virtually anything... I guess you would have to include computers and related techologies...

What are your thoughts on how the Doof thing took off and where it will be in 5yrs.

Obviously we owe a debt of gratitude to Steve at GMR and his lame hand due to a motorcycle accident and his lack of spell checking skills. I think Mega was instrumental in the initial and then relentless mocking. Gray had the idea of forming the group and I simply made the initial and endless patch graphics until we decided it would be suicidal to actually wear them. In mid mocking someone came up with the idea of meeting one another and that meeting in KC, I think, was the foundation of what we all have built. It gave us somehing tangible to build upon, something beyond the somewhat virtual relationships formed online. This meeting also made me realize what good people I was dealing with. I think others began to see the energy there and were drawn to it... and it grew. What defines us is that we are inclusive by nature and we tend not to take ourselves too seriously... very unlike what most of us deal with in our day to day lives.

In 5 years... who the hell knows. I'd like to think that we are all still here along with a lot of new folks and that we regulary ride to meet each other. Maybe we'll end up with a pavillion of our own at Sturgis... or maybe we create our own. People drawn from everywhere to see what this thing is all about only to find out it is all about a typo...

Do you have any heros............besides Gray.

The heroes in my life have been my Mother and Father. They provided me with a way to live and the love necessary to pass it along.

I don't know what a hero is out there in the world. We are mostly mere mortals trying to get to the other side. Having said that, I am inspired by:

Jesus Christ, Ronald Reagan, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Angelo Bounarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, and Amma.

How did you come about the screen name 8-Ball?

As far back as the Rat Fink days, I've always liked the 8-Ball... one has been in my trackball for 20 years. I've got one on my horn mount... seemed natural.

Have you ever scared a woman on a airplane?

Only once, and recently.

Oh yea,I'm stealing one of zukeeper questions for Lady G.

Have you every been in a WET T-SHIRT Contest??????????????????

I haven't, but these days, I could probably win.

just askin'

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