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Old 04-27-2007, 10:06 PM
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475 Wildey by davukmer

Questions for 475Widey:

1. Where did you grow up?

In a suburb of this cess pool used toilet paper of a city [Detoilet}.....Dearborn Heights

2. You obviously have a fondness for extremely large caliber hand cannons....when did this start? Where do you practice?

Guns are my second er uh maybe first hobby...I like to shoot at car parts 'cylinder heads intake and exhaust mainfolds and so on but my target of choice would be a old A.C Delco canister style comperssor or the old hideaway spare tire inflators you need mega calibers to handle big game like this. Also when going to the gun range I only need to take serveral hundred rounds in stead of thousands...

3. What's your occupation?


4. I gather you live in Detriot....and aren't very fond of it. Ever think about moving?

Whats not to love here

I would move in a second if it wasnt for my family and job

5. Any pets?

You really are a Doof aint cha
2 members of the weasel family "Ferrets" Patrick and Sandy

6. After meeting the gang in KC last year....what were your inital reactions?

What a bunch of Doofs

Funny how none of the gAzInTa's made it there

I always thought 8-Ball was gonna be this total Bunghole boy was I suprized
I think Mike and I would be best friends if we werent 2500 miles apart

7. Any secrets that you are just 'chomping at the bit' to tell us Doofs?

Megaglide is really a just a big teddy bear.

8. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

I wanna be retired anyone got like 3 million dollars they can send me

9. What kind of cage do you drive?
A mini cooper......................................NOT

1995 Dodge ram complete with broken steering column missing outside door locks and missing radio

10. Favoite color?


thats the color I like all my tootoo's and parasal's to be

...and Thanks in advance!

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