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Interview, the Series archives Here's the interviews from the past...

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Old 05-10-2007, 09:23 PM
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Hogg831 by racindude

1. Where were you born, and where are you currently residing, for how long?
Born in Whitakers, North Carolina on Christmas Day 1955. Raised in Washington, D.C. spent each summer in NC until about 14 years old.

Currently live in Matthews, N.C. ....been here almost a year.

2a. How long have you been riding?

Been riding about 35-36 years (started on the street at 15)

b. What is your current bike?
Current bike is an '03 Ultra

c. What others have you owned?
I've owned three Sportsters, '68 and '79 and '81. The '68 was built from a basket, no pics.

I've also owned a '83 FXE (where my User Name comes from)

...and a '90 FXR

d. Who influenced you to start riding?

My Grandfather and a couple uncles. My Grandfather did small engine repair in his day. Because of the "social" climate of the day, he also repaired motorcycles for the community. He had a couple small bikes (don't remember make) that if my brothers and I could get running, we could ride. Oh boy, ride we did!!

I also had a couple uncles that served in the Army during WW2 and the Korean War. They started as mechanics, later they were assigned as convoy escorts. They rode HDs doing that job, and continued to do so after leaving the military.

My Dad rode for a short while, 1979 FX LOW RIDER

3a. Married?

Yes been married to the same woman for 32 years.

b. Kids?

Yes, one deceased.

c. Pets?

Nope, never have been the pet type. I have been eyeing the Jack Russell.

4a. Where has your best ride been to?

I've made one run to SD and been to Florida a couple times, but I have to say my best run(s) was when I was in Illinois. Each year I did what I called the "East Coast Dash". Leave Illinois, head east to DC to see Mom, and just run from there. The last dash I made, I went to just south of Baltimore, DC, Norfolk VA, The Dragon, Atlanta, then to Rockingham NC for a week (National Biker's Round-up) then back to Illinois through Tennessee and Kentucky.

b. Any future rides your looking forward to?

RIght now a meet in PA with some of the friends from VTF and another board. Some of this group instrumental in the beginning of VTF and made the first forum run.

The group from that run.........

5a. What is your occupation?

Network Engineer (Design/Support) Fancy name huh?

b. like it?

Yep, currently in school, killing two birds with one stone. Certs and using my GI Bill before I loose it.

c. looking forward to retiring?

Retired in '99, wife in '02. We're fortunate in that we work if we want to.

6. Any other hobbies besides riding?

Fishing, gardening and cooking. Cooking and gardening has almost been shut down. Home Owner's association (gardening) and it's hard to cook for two folks who don't care for leftovers.

7. Who are your heros?

My Uncle Matthew and my Grandfather, Peter E. Dickens.

8a. What do you think about this Doof thing?

I actually think its great! A bit on the fruity side, but we shouldn't go into rules and all.

b. Did you think it would of gotten this far?

Honestly I didn't, thought it would be a fad that faded after a few months. Whodathunkit?!

9a. Favorite movies?

I actually don't have a favorite, I don't do movies well.

b. Music?

Jazz and old Soul/R&B

10. Tell us all something funny that we don't know about you.

Now I had to really think about this, its probably better if someone else answered. I will let all in on why I have to do the 43 sign different than everyone elsoe.

I was about 10-11 years old at my grandfathers one summer. He had a home-made grinding wheel. Think washing machine motor with auto fan belt mount stretched to a set of wheels. All this is mounted on a stacked pair of 2X6's, without a belt guard. Watching this thing run, I decided I could hold that belt and stop the wheels from turning. So I grabbed hold of that sucker! Too bad nobody informed the motor of my plan! I ended up removing half of my pinkie on the right had and breaking two other fingers. That damn motor just kept chugging along!


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