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Doofishul Roster List of Officers, Doof Babes, Members, Prospects, Hangarounds, and the spring boys...

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Old 12-02-2008, 08:55 AM
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The Other Founder
President for Life
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MegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glassesMegaGlide looks handsome even in Groucho glasses
Subject to Review and/or Revision

Doof or 43 Must be present in:
Avatar, Avatar Line, or Signature Line to maintain position and status....
NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Note: This applies only here and at VTF. Optional at any other forum.

Sign up here to prospect and state your intentions...


MegaGlide ----- Founder - President for Life

BillyB ----- Executive Vice President - El Guapo/Moistened Bint

Luke611 ----- Doof of Earl (Navigator) Original Highwayman and Runner Outer of Gas

polarbear ----- Great White Pillager

apache36 ------- SGT Hulka/Rower of the Gears

- BillyB's placeholder

why_me -------------Mr Clean


Rock ----- Secretary of Doof (Young One)

Homesick ----- Security


Boop ----- First Lady/Grenade Launcher

Lady Godiva ----- Initiation Coordinator/Pimpmistress and ODB (Original Doof Babe)

SHOVELHEADHONEY ----- Public Relations & Charm - Concrete

the bartender from The Coyote Ugly bar

gillen_girl ----- .38 Special


Tara ----- Disturbed Doofette

Pie ----- bakinfool


K ren




Taz ----- Pothole

Kelm ----- Clem


BLoNDiE ----- JçČermistress

Mrs. Gunworks


spasette ----- Maker of Spas' sandwiches

Special K






Sweet Pea

MiniGlide ----- Sludge Puppy

sonics daughter

Tattoo Jody

Margaritaville ----- Spider Monkey


SuburbanMom ----- tEra

Wild Rose








Grock ---------- Technical

Gordito ----- 43 Delinquenator - Covert Ops/Rotten Little Girl

HDMD 88 ------- Doctor of Doofology

Geezer-Glide --- Clubhouse Oracle

xkvator -------- Grave Digger - Nocturnal Events

Axe-man! ------- Director of Doof Public Relations

GPO03Fatboy ------- Tweaker of Maps

TalonChief ----- Grill Sgt

route66paul ---- Token Gimp/43% 'er

Chevtek -------- Booger

dirtydan -------- 43rd Member

FXDRYDR ------ The Pope

EvilTwin -------- Bogart

CDouthitt ------- Mole Catcher

Big Tom -------- Resident Pot Stirrer and Rumor Starter

racindude ------ Director of Bean Distribution R.I.P.

TwinV ----- Shovel Wrench/Keeper of the Kitty Litter

darrell -------- Headlight Adjuster

Biker Bry ------ Stinky

trackstar55 ---- Dark Helmet

hogg831 ------ The Disclaimer

y2k king ------- gazinta Interrogator R.I.P.

Fire46 --------- Wet T-Shirt Auditions R.I.P.

Scabbydoo ----- Offishul Chaps Maker

'05Train ----- Disgraced Vice Chancellor of Bavaria/Poopsmith

swmnkdinthervr - The Prophet

btownmac ---- Clubhouse Cook

Deejay --------- Player of Tunes

THEBEAR ------ Brute squad member

OKC Fatboy ---- Doctor of Doof

duhast --------- Trench Broom

rk custom------ Dain Bramaged

billymac ------- Dealer

joediver ------- Road Kill the younger

vafatboy ------- Pooch

Jeffytune ----- Doctor JT 43

Jonas --------- Bouncer of Trucks

george248 ---- Closet Doof

TimmyD ------- Kicker of Cones

harleyjsb ------ Toast Whisperer

ChrisR --------- Bombin' doofus

RKotter --------- Sweathawg

Gunfixer -------- Gewehr/Gl?klich Doof

BigSwede ----- Zoomie Extraodinaire

d j ------------ The Mechanic

HD FBOY ------- Dolt

SLOWHOUND -- Road Wrench

My name is Doug - ZoomieDog aka Gruntnutz aka Slow Grind

JRFLHR -------- Wool Wrangler

rraymond ------ D.O.R.K.

Psychoholic ---- Tweaker of Stuff

Chromer -------- Pooch Perverter


FireDawgStew -- Hose Dragger

AGlocker -- Cat Collector

Dinger -------- Lubrication Specialist

Drifting Easy ---- Cheesedick

Highmiles ------- Public Doofender

Yosamite Sam ---Asst. Public Doofender

buzzingstrings -- doofalicious/Club Minstrel Some Kinda Doof

BigBurger ------- 43rdCenturyDoof

Red Rider ------- Brainworm R.I.P.

bigjailerman -------- Gatekeeper

SeDeluxe ------ ED

SafetyMan -------- Frac Rat: Stimulator of Holes

Fe Butte --------- DooFficial Fluffer of Donkeys

Uesque -------- Nooner

fxr4mikey ------ Mikey Two Times

vindex1963 ----- Desert Rat

Bluetoys ------- Guy in Iowa

Tad Surly -------- un-indicted co-conspirator

Majic ---------- Downeast Doof

TJ Willy -------- blurry montage

HarleyWood ------ Doof Galoot

Sparky ----------- Elroy Jetson

Backroad Mike ------- Canyon Carver

Dogbreath1956 ----G. Gordon Liddy

BigTed ----------- The ScotDoof Toolman

Peacekeeper ------ Bone Collector

HARLET -------- fumunda cheese rep

Vulcan ----------- Vulcan Rider

mongoose ----- Grateful Doof R.I.P.

FinalBags --------- Sorry Ass Sunshine Skippy/Pitcher of Bull/Francis

kiddrockr --------- Wader of Bull

Seminolebagger --- Good Clean Doof

sg4154---------------Pimp Daddy Mac

mudslinger ------- stage 2 Doof

ridingjerry ------------- doofalicious

cwilks ------------- Smoker of Tires/Cli1f

y2kflhr ---------- drinkerofwhiskey

knuckleheader -------- Trend Setter

Ridgerunnur --------- Releaser of Hounds

Hobe--------- Dragon

Noodles -------- Urinator

Pig of Iron43 -------Sloppy Notches

Nub ---------- Clueless

monkee13 ----Drunken Monkey Wrangler

higlet ----- Follower of Breadcrumbs

Dsanchez ----- Dirty

goingsking ----- half butt 43

Ol Mike ------- OL MIKE

Sonic ------- ALL IN/Speed Racer

J.A.F.O. ----- "M.O.B.S." - maker of breakfast sandwiches


silent1 ----- Token Doof

stretch ----- Scooter Trash

rangerider ----- Saddle Tramp

BigTOE ----- Jet Jockey

Iamopie2 ----- Ring Knocker

geeded ----- ZujaTic

Shooter ----- Taster of Scotch

orbit ----- Mr. Smilie

griffin ----- Razor

iggy_montoya ----- Sam Stone

NSBK ----- Wimpy

RoadWolf ----- Lone Doof

ColdRider ----- Maine Member

Redleg ----- Blue N' Grey

Serg06 ----- 1Asshat

leet ----- Spanky

sofa king ---------- HILLBILLY

MasterGunz ----- Devil Dog

squid33 ----- assclown

V-man ----- Bassman

Big Cheese ----- Odiferous

AFNurse ----- Nurse

Parks ----- Captain Slow

huckinfog ----- Doof Bag

Ancient Iron ----- Wrench

Mercury ----- Enzyte Bob

juski ----- Vlad the Impaler

bennynomad ----- GMGUS

stupidglide ----- Lucky

Slick ----- Pompous Prick

albundy ----- wrenchman 409

APDBagger ----- Donut Eater

Git Real ----- Brush Okie

yolkum ----- The Chin

keith ----- Feather Ruffler

par_fore ----- DooF Dayzed

bobbyorr ----- Seaweed

BadDice ----- Hi-Top

YankeeBob ----- Turd herder

Boston Keith ----- recalculating

DAK47 ----- Sasq.

KD5CQT ----- Mississippi Cajun Doof

Goldwang ----- Sofaglide

BenBoosted ----- Meat

BluesFan ----- Random Crap

Streetbob ----- Navy Doof

Woody218 ----- Smuckin' Fartass

TReaper ----- Combat Doof

Brstr1 ----- B. F. a D. M. (Brother From a Different Mother)

GregD ----- Diesel Man


Robo ----- 6' black member

BarAndShield ----- Cereal Killer

BigDawg ----- Amazon Chaser

Wrongway Feldman ----- Center Mass Doof

virtaclesmile ---- Doofenshmirtz

LOCO ----- Metal Head

Fried Tater ----- Hell Razor 43

Keith4001r ----- Eeyore

Harry The M ----- Roadrunner

HiTekRedneck ----- Chemical Hazard

hbsoldier3 ---- Scarecrow

Captain 41 ---- Princess Herder


Fatboyskip ---- (The Court Doofster) Sponsor: Gordito
Road-Dawg --- (Doof in Exile) Sponsor: GrayRider
71baldboy ----- (Asia Pacific Representative) Sponsor: racindude
HATEFUL ------- (Devil's 3rd cousin's, brother's, newphew, on his mothers side twice removed) Sponsor: rk custom
CptCeeJay ------ (Maximus Doofus Meridius) Sponsor: CDouthitt
JazNine --------- (etc.) Sponsor: 8-Ball
Stu Gotz ------- (CFH) Sponsor: Woody218
Chameleon -------- (Sasquatch) Sponsor: racindude
bbrowncods ---- (Greyhound) Sponsor: SafetyMan
PutPut6 ----- (Spam Handyman) Sponsor: TalonChief
mark_bert ----- (Shellback) Sponsor: cwilks
IAFatBoy96 ----- (EVO) Sponsor: Bluetoys
stev0n ----- (Rock Doctor) Sponsor: BigTOE
JimmyDogs ----- (DiabloBlanco) Sponsor: Ancient Iron
Belaro47 ----(Super Mario) Sponsor: stupidglide


Dinero No Mas --------
DaSkip ------- Skip

Known Associates/HANGAROUNDS - Invited to Prospect or Just Hang Around

klock (Doof Collabrator)
(Thus ends the list of the Original Hangarounds)


genoway -------- Undercover gAZINTA/DC Rider

thedog ----------



pairofnines ------ younik

bobsled77 -------- Leg Humper

P 0 P E Y E --------- Mr. Spinach USA

trmn8r ------------- PathFinder/Mud Dauber

Old Cowboy



hornrocker -------- gAZINTa Toady

Chuck K ?--------- Beer/Boob Man

Thorns -------------- Mirror Image

Garytheterrible Anti-Islamist

ms_tapestry ------- Mistress T

LittleBear ?------- knower of things

Kfengler ?--------- Idaho Tater


capttrash ?------- Pulp Man



stoney61 ?------- eh!



Johnny B. Bad

Majikman ----- aka Txmajik


Note: OK, so Lee isn't the only one. Unchained got hers because we forgot we don't give them to gAZINTAs. Duh.

thrasher -------- The Wanderer



Big MAK -------- Mad Dog

lil Pistolero DPH


Capt. Itch E

DragonKing07 ?- wantaBzINTA




Sidecar Doug ----- cooler carrier




Margarita ----- Lady of the Horses


dynageno ----- Acquisitions


Palerider ----- Gigi


NotDonna ----- Storm

Dead To Me Founding Officers

dynageno ----- Acquisitions
Seduced by the siren's song of cookies or something, he currently (and forever more) has no standing among the Doofs. He has chosen for himself the life of a gAZINTa. Cookie-cutter conformity, much like those uniforms the Red Chinese used to wear, in a society where all are the same and none can aspire to anything greater than being exactly like the other guy. And anarchy, we can't leave out anarchy.
But nonetheles, he was among those present at the Collective's birth in KC in '06, and so bears this footnote.

Estranged Founders

8-Ball ---------- Founder - Chrome Scather

GrayRider ------ Founder - Nomad
Originally Posted by GrayRider
Special Recognition: This man came up with the idea of the Doof Clenas as an "organized" group, also the founder of the Order of the Wrench.
And the Elite Banana Guard.

Estranged Founding Officers

475wildey ----- Doof Officer of Prospects/Sergeant with Arms and Firearms (DOOFINATOR)

dwarthog ----- Doof Babe Cheerleader Coach

Estranged Charter Members

Stu ----- Cheer Coordinator

Madame 8-Ball ----- Doofinatrix

Gail ----- Nurse Ratched

Excommunicated Founding Officers

Fireberry ----- gAZINTa Liason
Just another damn "Dave"
Decidedly unpleasant, does not play well with others.
Fluent in Pidgin Cigar Spanish.

Revelation 19:11
And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse;
and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True,
and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

*Usual manly disclaimer applies, if applicable.

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